Vladislav Goncharov Introduces Limiter6! (Public Alpha Version)

Limiter6 public alpha.

Limiter6 public alpha.

Vladislav Goncharov (developer of the outstanding Molot compressor) has released a public alpha version of Limiter6, an upcoming freeware limiter VST/AU plugin for Windows and Mac.

I’m glad to introduce public alpha version of new limiter plugin (codename “Limiter6″)! This plugin is unique combination of slow RMS-compressor, peak limiter, high-frequency limiter, oversampled clipper and inter-sample limiter. The idea of this combination is “gain staging” when each stage used a little to make a most clean sound.

This is not a plugin with 1 knob and smart brain inside, which allow making your mix 0 dB RMS. All settings are manual and there’re a lot of knobs. The GUI is a draft yet and will be redrawn to photorealistic military style.

Limiter6 alpha is available for free download via vladg/sound.


Download Limiter6 Public Alpha: click here
vladg/sound Online: click here

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