[REVIEW] Procussion By Prime Loops + Giveaway (Winners Announced)!


Procussion by Prime Loops.

Prime Loops has released Procussion, an extensive collection of royalty free percussion loops and samples. The Prime Loops team has been kind enough to give away two copies of this library to BPB readers, so read on to see what I think about this loop collection and for instructions on how to enter the giveaway!

Loop Content

Procussion features 408MB of content, with a total of 416 audio files in 24-bit quality. Apart from the WAV library which is on test here, Procussion is available in a variety of other formats, such as Ableton Live Pack, Reason Refill, Apple Loops, etc.

The loops are organized into 6 instrument folders: cajon (a Peruvian box-shaped percussion instrument), conga, wooden djembe, plastic djembe, shakers, and tambourine. Each of these instrument folders is split into three subfolders, sorting the available loop content by tempo into 100 BPM, 120 BPM, and 140 BPM groups. Furthermore, all individual loops are clearly labeled (for example Bpm120_Conga03, Bpm100_Shaker05, etc), which is a major plus for people who use sample management software with filename search functionality.

All in all, the library is very well organized and there’s no second guessing as to were a certain sort of loop could be located. I also liked the fact that everything is clearly labeled, and all that loop content can easily be reached with no more than two clicks. For example, if you need a conga loop for a house tune you’re working on, open the conga folder, proceed to 120 BPM loops (closest to house music’s standard 128-ish BPM), and you’re there. Since I’m mentioning BPM, it’s worth adding that all Procussion loops are Acidized, which means that you won’t have to manually stretch-to-tempo in most current DAWs.

I also have no complaints when it comes to content quality. The loops are very well performed and recorded. There’s plenty of rhythmic variety for each included instrument, and you’ll find everything from high-energy rolling rhythms to various fills and broken patterns. The editing job was done top-notch and there’s just enough EQ and compression applied to make everything loud & clear, yet natural sounding at the same time.

One-Shot Samples

People who like to program their own percussion loops will be glad to find that Procussion also comes with a collection of one-shot percussion samples. The folder labeled Procussion One-shots contains 55 audio files in 24-bit WAV format, sampled from the same 6 instruments which were used to create the loops.

It’s not a particularly in-depth library of one-shot percussion sounds (you won’t find dozens of round-robin variations or velocity layers per instrument inside), but there’s more than enough variety to make these samples useful for loop programming, as well as for layering on top of other sounds. I’d prefer if Prime Loops decided to include a few more shaker and tambourine one-shots (only 12 available in the pack), but to tell the truth, these sounds can easily be chopped or copy-pasted from the loop content. Other than this minor gripe, the included samples sound very good and will be a good addition to your collection of percussion one-shots.

Final Thoughts

Pre-made loops are quite rarely a part of my music making process, since I enjoy experimenting with different instruments and effects and building everything from scratch. However, I do have a weak point and that’s programming natural sounding percussion tracks. Promise me a $100 reward for making a well programmed conga loop and I’ll still come up with just some miserable robotic sounding thing. So, percussion loop libraries like this one are something that I’m always on the lookout for.

That said, Procussion is just the sort of product I need. A well organized and easy to browse collection of percussion loops, usable in a variety of different styles. The price tag of £17.95 is fair and the large amount of available formats means that you shouldn’t have any trouble incorporating it in your setup. The complete list of included content and formats is available on the official Procussion product page.

Before you go there, take a look at the official demo video below and scroll down to learn how to enter the giveaway for a chance to win a free copy of Procussion!

Video Demo

Check out the Procussion demo video:


Prime Loops is giving away Procussion to two BPB readers! To enter the giveaway, leave a comment in the comments section below and/or on this post on BPB’s Facebook page. Note that only one blog comment AND one Facebook comment per person are allowed (to make it clear, you ARE allowed to leave a comment both here and on Facebook)!

The giveaway ends on September 14th, which is when two winners will be randomly picked using the random.org random number generator. So cross your fingers when you wake up next Friday and pop up here to check if you’ve won. Good luck everyone and a big thank you to Prime Loops for giving away two copies of their library to BPB readers!

Ok, I’ve just finished the random number draw at random.org. We have the winners! The first winner is the poster of the 11th comment in the comments section below. That’s Martin, congratulations man! The second winner is the 13th comment posted on BPB’s Facebook page, and that’s Michael! Congratulations!

The winners will soon be contacted by Prime Loops with info on how to get their prizes. Thanks everyone for joining in and thanks for reading BPB! Let me know if you have any tips/advice regarding the site content and if there’s anything special you’d like to see on BPB in the future.

I’m currently working on a new sample library in tandem with Rhythmic Robot, preparing a new BPB Freeware Studio article, and also preparing the prizes for the next giveaway. By the way, there’s a 90% chance that the next giveaway will actually be a music contest. Stay tuned!


Procussion Product Page: click here
Procussion Giveaway On Facebook: click here

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