Stoooner – A Freeware Percussion Sample Mangler For Windows

Stoooner by xoxos.

Stoooner by xoxos.

xoxos has released Stoooner, a freeware percussion sample re-synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows.

Stoooner and Adze resynthesize percussion samples by performing a single frame FFT analysis for the length of the sample.

Stoooner is available for free download via xoxos (2.1MB download size, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows).

This instrument is a free/demo version of another fresh release by xoxos called Adze, which is priced at $13.37 if you’re a new xoxos customer.

You can see all the features of Stoooner in the somewhat creepy Adze demo video embedded below. Stoooner can load only 2 percussion samples, while Adze can load up to 6 samples.

Video Demo

Check out the Adze demo video:


Download Stoooner: click here

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  1. I love video!! It’s crazy but doesn’t sacrifice information and content. I know I’m gonna like Stooner! Gonna f up some field recordings with it :-)

  2. chuck death


    Going straight to xoxos’ site now to buy! I don’t even demo xoxos stuff any more, he’s on my “just buy” list. :-)