de la Mancha’s Awesome Freeware VST Plugin Collection Is Back!

basic 64 by de la Mancha.

basic 64 by de la Mancha.

de la Mancha has announced that his freeware VST collection of effects and instruments for Windows is now back online and ready to download!

As most of you know, I stopped developing plugins a while ago, and then after a catastrophic web/database corruption I stopped selling plugins altogether, but leaving the freeware downloadable. Since my hosting contract finished, I moved everything over to a WordPress site.

de la Mancha’s free VST plugins are available for free download at de la Mancha’s new website.

de la Mancha has also re-relased the previously unavailable basic64 virtual synthesizer (1.32 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VSTi plugin format for Windows). This synthesizer is inspired by the Commodore 64 home computer and its legendary SID chip.

While it doesn’t offer detailed emulation of the SID chip and its sound characteristic, the sound of basic64 has a similar character. It can serve as a great instrument for chiptune inspired music. Since the commercial version named basic65 was released, basic64 was removed from de la Mancha’s website, but now it’s available for free download again.

There are many other goodies to be discovered on dlm’s new site. If you’re into FM synthesis, download his brilliant FMMF synthesizer, and if you need a simple bread and butter compressor, take a look at D2 which is available on the Effects page.

Video Demo

Check out the basic 64 demo video:


Download basic 64: click here

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