Abletunes Blog Releases A Free Sound Bank For Ableton Live Operator


Free Ableton Live Operator Presets By Abletunes!

Abletunes has announced the release of a free sound bank simply called 45 Free Operators Racks, featuring a set of 45 patches for the Operator synthesizer which comes with Ableton Live.

Obviously, you’ll need to have Ableton Live installed on your computer in order to use the provided presets, since Operator is not available as a separate instrument. The files contained in this free pack are more than just simple Operator presets, though. They’re actually formatted as instrument racks based around Operator and they all come with a set of useful macro controls for easy tweaking and sound shaping on the fly.

The provided sounds are mostly designed for use in modern electronic dance music genres such as deep house, dubstep, trap, etc. You should take a listen to the audio demo track below to get an idea about what the included presets sound like, however keep in mind that some of the drum sounds (not all of them) which you’ll hear in the demo are not included in the pack. The leads, bass sounds, SFX hits and all of the other synthesized sounds which you’ll hear in the demo come straight from this free set of Ableton Live instrument racks, though.

By the way, I would like to know how many BPB readers actually use Ableton Live. These posts often don’t get too many comments (probably because the readers who use other DAWs just skip through them), however there are tons of free goodies for Ableton Live which appear rather frequently. Would you guys like me to continue covering Ableton Live freebies on BPB? Do you find these types of freebies useful?

So yeah, please leave a comment below if you use Ableton and let me know what you think about this. I’d love to hear your opinion!

Audio Demo

Check out the 45 Free Operators Racks audio demo:


45 Free Operators Racks is available for free download via Abletunes Blog (446 KB download size, ZIP archive, contains 45 presets in ADG format for Ableton Live Operator).

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