dpMeter – Freeware Multi-Channel Meter VST/AU/RTAS Plugin


TBProAudio has announced the release of dpMeter, a freeware multi-channel and multi-platform audio metering utility with support for RMS, EBUR128 and TruePeak measurement.

Specialized metering tools such as dpMeter are not really a necessity for everyday mixing tasks, however they can be quite useful in specific situations like audio post-production or mastering audio for TV or radio broadcast. If your digital audio workstation or audio editor of choice don’t include a high precision metering utility, dpMeter by TBProAudio is certainly worth a look.

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The plugin supports RMS, EBU R128 and true peak measurement and is able to record metering results as automation data. dpMeter also comes with multi-channel support for 5.1 channel audio or up to three stereo pairs. The user interface is easy to understand, with all of the controls available on the left and a large live meter display on the right.

dpMeter supports all major plugin platforms and works on both Windows and Mac OS. The developer has also provided a handy operation manual in PDF format, explaining all the different parameters which are available on the user interface. What I didn’t really like is the fact that the plugin comes with an installer, which is something I find a bit unnecessary with simple freeware tools like this one. It’s not a big deal of course, but I prefer simply extracting an archive and copying a DLL file to a location of my choice than going through a complete installation process. Or maybe I just install too many different plugins on a weekly basis and it’s making me a bit grumpy. :)

This is the only freeware plugin currently being offered by TBProAudio, but they do have several really interesting looking commercial products on their website. A plugin called called GainRider really caught my attention, as it seems to be a rather affordable alternative to the Waves Vocal Rider.


dpMeter is available for free download via TBProAudio (1.42 MB download size, EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/RTAS plugin format for Windows and Mac OS).

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Based on this great plugin, HeDa, one of the most talented REAPER scripters, is building a multitracks graph tool to use with it in REAPER, with a lot of cool functionnalities.
    Take a look at this thread on REAPER forum
    There is a video of the last update in first post.

    The combination of these two tools will be a must have in audio post production, when mixing voices against musics or ambiances for example. :)

  2. No, it makes me grumpy too. When a VST uses an installer, I typically install it, copy the DLL to the desktop, uninstall the program, and copy the DLL back into the directory I want it to be in. I don’t like having all those extra entries in my installed programs panel. But then again, doing things this way makes it extra frustrating. :)

    • BuddhaMaster


      Even simpler you can rename the installer to .7z (if you installed 7-Zip) doubleclick it and extract only the .dll

      This works 80% of the time.
      It’s a very powerful extractor which can open almost anything.
      But sometimes the .dlls are encoded or anything then it won’t work.

      • Tomislav Zlatic


        I use “extract archive” with EXE files and it sometimes works, but it didn’t work for me in this case.

  3. That is what I was looking for long time, together with TDR Kotelnikov compressor (which is one of the most amazing compressors) I can get very naturally sounding song with exact LUFS value I needed in mastering. Thank you for sheering!

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