Free Drumcomputer MFB-522 Drum Sample Pack By Samplefino


Samplefino has released Free Drum Samples, a free collection of drum machine samples and synthesized kick drums from their commercial Analogue Drum Samples and Analogue Kick Drum products.

The free sample pack contains 60 drum samples in total (24-bit WAV format), along with drum kit presets for Native Instruments Kontakt 5, FXpansion Geist and One Small Clue Poise. The included samples are royalty free and they can be used in free and commercial projects, completely free of charge. The full version of Analogue Drum Samples contains 1,135 individual drum samples, with up to 10 round robins per drum hit.

The drum hits were synthesized with the Drumcomputer MFB-522 analog drum machine and then processed with tube preamps and re-sampled from old tape recorders. The full version of Analogue Drum Samples ($14.99) contains six different drum kits (clean, tube, 4-track, cassette, tape delay, digital), all of which are represented in the freebie kit. The free kit also contains a small selection of electronic kick drum samples which were synthesized with the Analogue Kick Drum ($9.99) bass drum module for Native Instruments Kontakt 5.

Samplefino is currently offering an exclusive discount on their Analogue Drums Bundle product pack which contains full versions of Analogue Drum Samples and Analogue Kick Drum. The discounted price of $16.99 will be applied to all purchases before June 21st ($20.99 regular price).

Video Demo

Check out the Analogue Drum Samples demo video:


Analogue Drum Samples demo pack is available for free download via Samplefino (11.2 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 60 drum samples in 24-bit WAV format, kit presets for NI Kontakt 5, FXpansion Geist and One Small Clue Poise).

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