5 FREE Copies Of The Modern Folk Rock Kit! (CLOSED)


Our friends at Drumdrops are giving away five free copies of their excellent Modern Folk Rock Kit sample library to five lucky BPB readers!

Modern Folk Rock Kit is a great sounding 1980s Gretsch drum kit with two Ludwig snares that were close mic’d and played with brushes, sticks and hotrods.  The kit was recorded and mixed by Phill Brown and played by Folk drummer Martyn Barker in the bright live room at Livingston Studio 1 in London. Some of the equipment that was used to sample the kit includes classic drum mics such as Shure SM57s, AKG D112s and Sennheiser MD421.

This awesome multi-sampled folk rock drum kit is currently available in six different versions: The BFD Pack (for FXpansion BFD), All Samples Pack (containing over 10 GB of audio content in WAV format), Multi-Sample Pack (3.63 GB of content and presets for EXS24, NI Kontakt, NI Battery and TX16Wx), Drum Replacement Pack (compatible with Slate Trigger 2, Drumagog 4, Drumagog 5 and DrumXchanger), Single Hits Pack (containing 183 samples in total and presets for all major sampler instruments) and the One Shot Sample Pack (60 samples in total). The BFD Pack was released yesterday and the Kontakt version of the instrument is coming soon.

By the way, if you’re interested in purchasing the BFD Pack version of the Modern Folk Rock Kit or the Vintage Folk Rock Kit, use the coupon code MFRBFD30 at checkout on the Drumdrops website to apply a 30% discount.

The Giveaway

Thanks to the support from the awesome people at Drumdrops, we are giving away one copy of each of the five Modern Folk Rock Kit versions listed below. The giveaway is now closed for new entries. The winners are listed below (you will receive the prize via email)!

  1. The BFD Pack – Djua
  2. All Samples Pack – Dhatt
  3. Multi-Sample Pack – Michail
  4. Drum Replacement Pack – Ergo K.
  5. Single Hits Pack – Nicolas

To enter the giveaway, simply leave a comment below. The five winners will be picked randomly on Monday, February 22nd. Please note that only one entry per person is allowed – don’t leave multiple comments as the duplicates will be deleted.

Thank you all for joining in and many thanks once again to our friends at Drumdrops for sponsoring the giveaway. We have loads of freebies coming your way soon, so stay tuned! :)

More info: Modern Folk Rock Kit (product page)

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  1. I love Phill, he did a number of my favorite albums. These would be perfect for the new songs I’m working on.

    BTW if anyone hasn’t read Phill’s book you should grab it. Its great, and the Dido story is a classic! :)

  2. I love Tomislavs bedroomproducersblog, informative and always giving away FREE stuff for us struggling musicians & producers in this case the wonderful original Drumdrops ! , well done guys , thanks again !

  3. I too am a regular user of the Yamaha Hybrid kit and it has been an unbelievably massive improvement over the samples I used previously. Bring it on!