MuTools has officialy released MuLab 7, a modular digital audio workstation and plugin host for PC and Mac. The software is available in two versions, Free and UL (priced at €69).

MuLab 7 comes with a large number of new features and improvements, the most important of which are the simplified audio recording workflow (something that used to confuse many new MuLab users) and the fantastic new step sequencer (you can see it in action in the demo video below). There are many other minor improvements as well, including a new random parameter generator, swing mode, a pitch bend generator module, improved piano roll, etc. A detailed list of improvements and new features implemented in MuLab 7 is available here.

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To use the freeware edition of MuLab 7, simply download the latest version of the software from the product page linked below and extract the ZIP archive to you hard drive. There’s no installation or activation required and the application is actually fully portable (you can carry it around on a USB stick or an external hard drive and use it as a portable studio). There are no nag screens or other similar annoyances in MuLab Free, apart from the soft white noise that you’ll hear in case you hit one of its limitations (up to four sequencer tracks and eight VST plugins per session).

There’s A LOT you can do with the free version, though, especially if you intend on using it as your secondary DAW for starting new projects and experimenting with modular plugin setups. It is also an incredibly powerful sound design tool that will allow you to chain up to eight VST plugins (combined with dozens of MuLab’s built-in devices) in almost and routing setup imaginable. Once you’re ready to upgrade to MuLab UL, you can purchase key in the MuTools Shop and enter it in MuTools 7 Free in order to unlock all of the program’s features.

MuLab Free was the first freeware DAW that I really liked back when I was making my first steps in the world of computer based music production. I instantly fell in love with the minimal user interface that was placed on top of such a complex and versatile music production tool. Back then, if I recall correctly, the Free version was limited to eight sequencer tracks (with unlimited mixer channels) which was certainly better than the four sequencer tracks that we get for free nowadays. But even so, MuLab 7 Free is still a fantastic freeware tool for completing simpler sequencing projects, or for going crazy with complex routings in the modular area.

The upgrade to MuLab UL (€69) is well worth the price if you like the stuff that the Free version brings to the table. Don’t forget to check out MuTools’ excellent MUX Modular plugin as well (currently priced at €59) and the great sounding MuVerb freeware reverb VST plugin for Windows.

MuLab 7 is available for free download via MuTools (30.5 MB download size, ZIP archive, standalone application for Windows & Mac OS).

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Tomislav is a music producer and sound designer from Belgrade, Serbia. He is also the founder and editor-in-chief at Bedroom Producers Blog.


  1. Glad to see this getting some love. Much more complex and interesting than I had first thought, with the ability to make and save your own modular instruments. The developer is extremely responsive to input and is very attentive in customer service.

  2. Indeed, I’ve been playing with the free version for last few days and I love it, think this will replace my current second DAW (Orion) soon. Genius software and very affordable IMHO; I’ll be upgrading soon I guess. 😃

  3. Very reluctant to purchase this DAW as there are little if any voice lead tutorials while others DAWS have many. The MU-lab developer is aware of this and nothing is being done. I guess an eccentric mind is bound to be absent on other obvious concerns,.

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