“Expressive Pop” For NI Massive Is Free Until December 31st


Audio Imperia has announced that the Expressive Pop sound library for NI Massive will be available as for free download until December 31st.

The pack comprises 150 synthesizer patches designed to deliver an intense spectrum of sounds for use in modern pop music and a variety of electronic music genres. The presets are grouped into ten distinct categories. The list commences with the arpeggiated presets which feel mix-ready for the most part, but there is still some potential for adding reverb to them or processing them with another effect of your preference.

While digging deeper into the sound bank, you’ll enjoy the prominent strums of the plucked presets, the deep drive of the bass patches, and so forth. The pad presets vary from futuristic to melancholic, covering a range of moods. They all very susceptible to modulation and are well-worth exploring.

The sequence category is rather eclectic but in a good way. It features drumbeats, acid-influenced patches, hipster bells, and other contemporary sounds, thus covering a wide array of genres, music styles and arrangement elements. Some of the included synth patches mimic the sound of the 80s, providing a nice retro balance to other, more modern sounds that are available in the pack.

In a general perspective, if contemporary pop music is your field of expertise, you’ll most definitely find lots of useful sounds to spice up a flat mix up with. Other music styles are compatible with the sounds bank as well, though, so don’t miss your chance to grab Expressive Pop for free if you’re a NI Massive user.

Expressive Pop is available for free download via Audio Imperia (ZIP archive, contains 150 patches for NI Massive).

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  1. It seems like abandoned pack or something. Sounds jump in volume between each other. Most of them have no macro control and you would want to tweak them to sound above average. Can’t say it’s bad, not too good either. More like a standard stuff. More for back sounds.