Music Weapons Releases Free Nuclear Lite Workstation VST/AU Plugin


Music Weapons has released Nuclear Lite, a free lightweight version of the commercial Nuclear sound module virtual instrument for PC and Mac (VST/AU).

With a name like Nuclear and a GUI featuring 36 touch pads, I expected this ROMpler released by to have mainly digital synthesizer sounds. And because the Lite version is free, I expected them to sound inexpensive and generic. However, listening to the in-depth YouTube video about Nuclear, I quickly realized I assumed wrong.

For example, the instrument features a set of acoustic guitar sounds (with finger picking and strumming articulations) that may be the most authentic I’ve heard. There are also lots of live and electronic drum kits that sound splendid.  They’re all made of individual samples that you can trigger to create a custom drum part that will feel natural and authentic.

The synthesizer sounds are pre-processed and layered to create “go-to” sounds that already sound polished and inspiring for starting out your song or putting the finishing touches on it. There are even live strings and pianos that sound pretty good. The sample library is extensive. Even the free Lite version is over 13 gigs in size, whereas the full version tops out at around 80 gigs.

The general controls of Nuclear include channel faders and mute/solo buttons for multi-layered sound adjustments, balance, reverb, hiss, electrical noise, tape pop, radiation, pitch, and master volume (aptly named “Ear Pain”). In other words, there are more than enough controls to dial in the sound you are looking for. In addition, the factory presets are already processed and essentially production-ready.

Please note that a valid email address is required in order to download Nuclear Lite. By providing your email address, you will be subscribed to the Music Weapons mailing list.

Nuclear Lite is available for free download via Music Weapons (13.3 GB download size, RAR archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin format for Windows & Mac OS, made with Maize Sampler).

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About The Author

Ben Bishop is a music producer based out of Nashville, TN. He works with many local artists in the pop/indie world and has a recording studio in East Nashville.


  1. that’s seems to be a joke,
    88 gigs of unnecessary mediocre quality soundsets,
    edgy product and company names (seems like they trying to impress with the names more than with their products)


    • its not really a joke. and the meaning of offering a free version of a product is for you to make that decision yourself. i am sure that aside from going into the process with a negative assumption you will be somewhat surprised as to the quality of sounds in this product. even the free version. you should give it a shot ;)

      • Yeah, I think they got written over by another patch, because they are both the same size. Let me know if you find the problem/fix it. Thanks again for the sweet sounds!

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      Your HDD is probably formatted as FAT32, which can’t handle files larger than 4GB. You should format it as NTFS, if possible (although be aware that formatting a hard drive will remove all data from it!).

  2. Vherbal, are you the developer?

    First of all, thanks for the great instrument, I only tried them for a few minutes but they seem to sound really good, definitely exceeded my expectation.
    But it seems that you have to put the dll and the instruments in the same location? I think you need to implement options to put them in different locations. Most people put the dll in C:/Program Files/vstplugins or their host’s default location, and put the huge samples in other drives. This is the biggest turnoff from the plugin and I uninstalled it immediately because of this. I’d definitely install it permanently if this is fixed.

  3. I was really interested in checking this VSTi out but for some reason the expansion of the .rar has an error.
    I think placing all platforms in a single download is not wise. The file is huge. and seems to cause confusion on systems. I think if they’re appropriated into DL’s for specific OS’s then I’ll give it another try. It looks like a really nice rompler.

  4. I have to admit, I usually shy away from romplers like this because most of the sounds that are included are usually wack and you don’t have much control over them. However… this one has some pretty usable sounds. I’m stocked to the brim with sample libraries, so Im definitely not looking for any more… but this is a pleasant surprise and I might just have to get the full version because the sounds are actually that good.

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