Balance Mastering Releases Free Teufelsberg Reverb VST/AU Plugin


Balance Mastering has introduced Teufelsberg Reverb, a free (open source) convolution-based reverb effect in VST and AU plugin formats for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux.

Teufelsberg Reverb is based on a set of impulse responses that capture the ambiance of a former NSA compound located in Teufelsberg, Germany. The impulse responses have been available for download from Balance Mastering’s website for some time, but they are now also provided in the form of a plug-and-play reverb effect.

The plugin is not incredibly configurable but is therefore also very easy to use. There are three control parameters in total: reverb type (six reverb flavors to choose from), mix percentage and output gain. Also included is a simple preset manager, along with A/B testing functionality and a bypass switch. Teufelsberg Reverb is surprisingly easy on the CPU for a convolution reverb, using around 3% of available resources during our test.

So, how does it sound? Very good, actually. Note that this is not a “bread and butter” reverb effect for everyday use. Instead, it’s the kind of reverb effect you’d want to use to give your project a darker, moody atmosphere. The fact that the impulse responses were recorded in a former surveillance tower makes the whole thing even cooler.

Teufelsberg Reverb works on Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, which is somewhat of a rarity, especially for a freeware plugin. It is also completely free to download from Balance Mastering’s website, zero strings attached.

Teufelsberg Reverb is available for free download via Balance Mastering (5.72 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin formats for Windows, Mac OS & Linux).

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  1. First “Nuclear Workstation” and “War Tuba”, now the “Teufelsberg Reverb”…

    I see a pattern here… ;)

    Great IR’s and VST, i like it.

    • Weird, when I recorded master bus into Edison (FL Studio) there is no drops and pops but while recording artefacts were audible…

    • Yep I just had the same problem. Im using Ableton and had to change my latency Buffer Size to like 256 samples. Basically you just need more latency and it fixes the problem