Multiton Bits Releases “B Systems Free Pack” Sound Library (WAV)


Multiton Bits has released B Systems Free Pack, a free sound library (email subscription required) inspired by the sound design work of Suzanne Ciani.

Berlin-based sound designers and software developers Multiton Bits’ first entry in their newly launched Foundations series focuses on an early pioneer of sound design and electronic music, Suzanne Ciani. Suzanne is one of the people who helped develop the Buchla synthesizer in the early seventies.

Her time in New York lead her to create some of the most iconic sounds on TV and the radio around the world to this day, working with some of the biggest companies in advertising. She studied music composition in graduate school before changing her direction by pursuing her interest in music technology after meeting Don Buchla. Eventually, she worked with Don for over a decade, perfecting the Buchla synthesizer.

Buchla didn’t consider his instrument to be a synthesizer, as he meant for it to be used to create new sounds. The machines used a different method of generating timbre compared to other synthesizers of the day, favoring complex oscillators by using both frequency and amplitude modulation, dynamic waveshaping, and particular methods of voltage control that all contributed to its distinct sound

The sample pack created by Multiton Bits focuses specifically on this era of Suzanne’s work and provides textures reminiscent of vintage sci-fi and nostalgic tones from the days before digital sound processing. The pack contains 115 WAV files from analog and digital sources, and Multiton has stated that these sounds are not found in any of their other products.

B Systems Free Pack is available for free download via Multiton Bits (95.9 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 115 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format).

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