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0 is offering a limited-time deal on the Alternator synthesizer by Sinevibes (offered at 37% off its regular price), bundled with a free copy of the excellent Singularity delay by the same developer.

Alternator is a monophonic synthesizer in AU plugin format (for Mac-based digital audio workstations only). It features three sound modules with separate step sequencers for each module. The user interface is well-designed and easy to navigate, devoid of menus, folders, or tabs.

Apart from the three step sequencers, Alternator is based on a relatively standard synth design with oscillators, filters, built-in effects, as well as modulation envelopes for each oscillator. The oscillator pitch is controlled with the built-in piano roll, whereas the step sequencer changes the waveform.

In the filter section, envelopes can be drawn to modulate the cutoff frequency, while the step sequencer controls the type of the active filter module. The effects work in a similar way. The types of effects are controlled by the step sequencer while the envelopes provide modulation. A lag function can be used for further alterations

The special offer available at includes a 37% price drop on Alternator, along with Sinevibes’ modular delay effect Singularity, capable of tempo-synced feedback delay in true stereo. Singularity contains three individual modulators, four modulation generators, and 22 different algorithms, with support for tempo and time signature automation. The plugin’s user interface was built with the same vivid color schemes found throughout Sinevibes’ plugins. Singularity can be used for simple delays just as well as a tool for complex sound design projects.

Both plugins feature plenty of presets as starting points, but the customizability, as well as the flexibility of Sinevibes’ distinct style of UI design would really be going to be waste without further exploration of their product’s capabilities. The two plugins work very well together and are a great combo to grab at this low price.

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