Get Positive Grid Pro Series Studio EQ For FREE (EXPIRED)


Positive Grid is giving away the Pro Series Studio EQ collection for free (VST/AU/AAX/RTAS plug-in formats for PC and Mac). This is a time-limited offer which will expire today, so act fast.

Pro Series Studio EQ is a bundle of three different equalizer plugins named Digital EQ, Passive EQ, and Tube EQ. These are included as separate products in the download, so you can choose to only install the ones that you want to use. Even though this is a time-limited offer, the plugin licenses will remain active in your Positive Grid user account for future use.

I didn’t have any time to test the included plugins before publishing this article (being that it’s such a quick deal, I’m trying to type this out as fast as possible), but it’s no secret that Positive Grid is among the more respected plugin vendors on the market. They are mostly known for creating quality guitar effects and I’m quite eager to hear their digital EQs in action as well. Judging by the information I’ve seen online, Tube EQ seems to be the best sounding of the bunch and the plugins are pretty well optimized (low CPU usage). On the negative side, some users are reporting laggy GUI issues and others are reporting connection timeouts when activating the plugins.

To claim your free copy of the Pro Series Studio EQ bundle, visit the promotions page linked below and add the bundle to your shopping cart (you should see right away that the list price is reduced to $0). You’ll need to log in to your Positive Grid user account to complete the checkout process. The license will be added to your account automatically and the activation details will be email to your inbox. When downloading the product, make sure to choose the correct operating system in the drop-down menu on the left side. Once installed, log in to your Positive Grid user account from the plugin’s interace to activate your license.

UPDATE: The freebie offer has expired and the plugins are now listed at $69.

Pro Series Studio EQ is available for free download via Positive Grid (343 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX/RTAS plug-in formats for Windows & Mac OS).

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  1. For those interested in a more detailed explanation about the performance:

    The DSP (digital sound processing, or in this case: the emulation of analog EQ) is indeed very well done and very efficient, especially considering how heavy such calculations can get for nonlinear devices. The sound is also very good, they definitely did a good job on that.

    HOWEVER: the GUI is absolutely horrible in terms of CPU and RAM usage i.e. performance. They used CEF, the Google Chromium framework, which pretty much boils down to running a stripped down version of Google Chrome for the GUI elements, which is completely unnecessary for this kind of GUI . To give you guys an idea: I’ve done a couple of tests and the GUI alone of one Positive Grid plugin uses about as much CPU and RAM as the other 20-something EQ and compressor plugins in my project combined. For some reason they also used OpenGL/DirectX for additional rendering purposes, though I haven’t figured out what for exactly. Perhaps the dynamic graphs?

    My advice is to take this into consideration if you don’t have a very powerful CPU, as the numerous CEF processes needed per plugin very quickly eat away at your CPU cycles, which are very much needed already by all the DSP going on in your average project :)

    Luckily this is an excellent chance to see if your system can handle this extra overhead for free!

    • A little extra info: Your DAW must also be online and connected to the net, there is no offline registration and no plans to offer it. Which probably explains why they use Chrome as a GUI. This is no good for me, when I asked the question, they gave me advise on how to connect my DAW to the internet.. Lol.. I’m probably in a minority these days but it might save somebody else wasting their time.

      • Captain Hooks


        No, you are not in the minority. I know many people who want their DAW computer to stay offline. Some have band rehearsal rooms with no internet access (use laptops). Developers should always offer an offline registration option.

        Native Instruments were under fire heavily, after they introduced their Native Access tool, that requires the computer to be online in order to register or update products.

  2. Read the KVR thread. There seem to be a lot of issues with this Plugin regarding the GUI not rendering correctly on many setups, the settings not recalling correctly and the Tube EQ overdistorting (because the Input / Output gain staging is also not properly recalled). They should fix these crucial issues first!

    BTW: there is another free offer today. Surrely Machines offers one of their Delay effects for free for a couple of days and it looks just fantastic:

  3. Hey there. Is the promotion already over? I can’t seem to find it for free on their website.

  4. Damn, I guess I missed it. Is it not May 19th anymore wherever Positive Grid is based?

    • maybe a good plugin but its the same sh… like ilok why should i stay online to use a plugin. no way. everyone will watching you in 2017,

  5. Unfortunately here is asking for $69 USD [img][/img]

  6. Christopher Teti


    I’m not finding the “add to cart” option. i can’t seem to find out how to download it for free. its prompting me to use a credit card. anybody having this problem?

  7. adam patrik


    Jeez,I tried to get this plugin at lunch time and it was gone, that is not nice =(, you guys said 24 hours, at least honor your word