Isotonik Studios Releases Free Samsara LE Granular Looper (M4L)


Isotonik Studios has released Samsara LE, a freeware granular looping Max for Live device based on the full version of the Samsara granular looper by Dillon Bastan.

Ableton users are now able to enjoy a free Lite version of Samsara – a granular looping device made for Max for Live by developer Dillon Bastan. A well-designed device, Samsara LE features a waveform display to graphically illustrate the audio mangling process. Controls include grain Start and Size adjustments, along with the ability to specify Spay and Spread sizes, the number of grains, and adjust the audio pitch. Fade, Slope, and Center control parameters provide the opportunity for some additional audio mangling fun, inviting the user to experiment with the possibilities of granular looping.

The Draw Playheads feature, in particular, is all sorts of wonderful for playing around – you are supposed to draw stuff randomly and see what changes are provoked in the sound. Finally, there’s a Wet/Dry slider that lets you specify how much of the looped, granulated signal you want to let in.

Compared to the full version, Samsara LE offers a fair bit less to play with. This doesn’t mean you won’t get to have some good fun with it, along with a proper introduction to the paid Samsara M4L device. Notably, Samsara LE omits the huge pad where you are free to shape and twist a selection of five waveforms to your will. It also won’t let you choose the direction of the grains, use sync, or adjust the Start Offset Range.

Still, Samsara LE is a must-have if you like the sound of chopped, manipulated, glitched-out audio that’s been bent and twisted beyond all good reason. Grab this free M4L device and let us know what you think of it in the comments section below! Please note that Ableton Live is required to use this device.

Samsara LE is available for free download via Isotonik Studios.

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