Auburn Sounds Releases Renegate Free Gate Plugin


Auburn Sounds have released Renegate Free, a freeware noise gate effect in VST, AAX, AU, and LV2 plugin formats for compatible digital audio workstation software on Windows, macOS, and Linux.

The newly released Renegate plugin actually comes in two flavors: Renegate Free ($0) and Renegate Full ($39 regular price, $29 intro sale). The freeware edition comes with the core features, and the Renegate Full adds a few extras for users who want more functionality. Let’s check out Renegate Free first, and then we’ll take a look at the bonus stuff included in the paid edition of the plugin.

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Renegate Free is a smooth noise gate plugin that is quick and easy to operate. The plugin utilizes program-dependent hysteresis to detect the unwanted noise and combines that with a look-ahead detection algorithm to preserve the transients.

The freeware version of the plugin also features a program-dependent auto-release to ensure a natural-sounding gating effect. The envelope detection algorithm is based on a 43-bands psychoacoustic auditory model.

Users who purchase Renegate Full will receive the following add-on features:

  • Alternative ways to apply Gain Reduction, namely with a 1-pole lowpass or highpass;
  • Oversampling;
  • Built-in Sequencer;
  • Raw knob to get back digital grit if needed.

So, the free version of Renegate is an easy-to-use noise gate with transient detection and smooth release. By purchasing the full version of the software, you’re getting the oversampling functionality and the ability to filter out the unwanted noise as opposed to merely turning down its volume.

Renegate Full comes with a handfull of useful bonus features.

Renegate Full comes with a handful of useful bonus features.

Another useful addition is the step sequencer, which turns Renegate Full into a rhythmic effect. You can use it as a trance gate for adding motion to pads and basslines, or as a tool for chopping up percussive loops. Lastly, the so-called “Raw” knob adds a bit of digital dirt to the signal.

Check out the demo video and the audio demos on the Auburn Sounds website. By the way, you should also take a look at their Graillon pitch correction tool, which is featured in our list of free autotune plugins.

Win A FREE Copy Of Renegate Full!

Auburn Sounds have kindly provided three free copies of the Renegate Full plugin for BPB readers. We’re giving away two copies of the plugin here and one on our Instagram page. So, there are two ways for you to enter the giveaway:

  1. Post a comment on this article (2 randomly picked winners)
  2. Comment on this Instagram post and tag a friend (1 randomly picked winner)

Only one comment per entrant is allowed. However, you can enter the giveaway both here and on Instagram to double your chances of winning. Our Instagram is quite new, so there won’t be a lot of competition. :)

We will announce the three winners on Monday, August 31st. Good luck, everyone, and thanks for reading BPB!

UPDATE: WINNERS ANNOUNCED! The lucky winners are Frank Reitz (website comment), Jah Eroh (website comment), and thepianosup (Instagram comment). Congratulations! :)

More info: Auburn Sounds Renegate (free and full versions available, 17.2 MB download size, ZIP archive containing EXE installer, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/AAX/LV2 plugin format for Windows/macOS/Linux)

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  1. Auburn Sounds makes interesting plugins. The step sequencing in the full version seems to be powerful and is a time saver where as otherwise this would need to be done manually with automation or plugin chains. Thanks for BPB and Auburn Sounds for this giveaway!

  2. Richard Bergman


    Looks awesome, and very nice design of the plugin.
    Great giveaway, and good luck to everybody participating!
    Have a great day!
    Best regards

  3. Would love to be part of the giveaway. The free version of the plugin is also fantastic – probably the best simple noise gate plugin around (particularly for guitars)

  4. Michael Jones


    Seems like decent gate plugins are hard to come by, despite them being pretty simple in concept. This one sounds interesting!

  5. Cool! Glad they’re still at it. Just bought all the others during the sale and I love those; use em all the time now.

    The retro-futuristic UI aesthetic is some of the best around too, IMO.

  6. Roberto Avila


    Auburn just continues to churn out quality work; and seeing as they paired with my go-to virtual audio-tool news site, it’s a match made in heaven! Fingers crossed.

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  8. wow! more posts here than a ten mile fence : ) nice plugin developer and my go to music plugin info site. good luck to all.

  9. looks pretty cool, I’m glad auburn sounds is still making plugins, they always have unique takes on things.
    can’t wait to try this one

  10. This Blog is fantastic, very useful and professional! And the quality of the suggested software and deals are very high.
    WEll done BPB ! :-)

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