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AudioPlugin Deals runs a massive 80% OFF deal on the United Plugins Bundle ($66 on sale) until July 28th, 2021.

United Plugins Bundle usually costs $336 and includes Royal Compressor, FirePresser, and FrontDAW. It is currently available for just $66 ($270 savings).

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The plugins come in AU, VST, and AAX formats for macOS and Windows. If you fancy grabbing a bargain, the offer is available till July 28th, 2021.

United Plugins has some pretty cool products, and these three are amongst the most popular.

Inspired by the EMI RS124, sometimes referred to as the Abbey Road RS124, the Royal Compressor delivers a vintage analog sound. By most accounts, the Royal Compressor is one of the best plugin representations of Vari-mu compression.

Staying true to hardware design, the GUI has just a few knobs that can significantly impact your sound.

Royal Compressor offers three circuit types, automatic gain control and adjustable valve saturation that you won’t find on the original hardware unit.

There’s a limited but still useful free demo version available, too.

FirePresser is a very creative compression plugin that we covered pretty recently. Embarrassingly, after writing about FirePresser, and being quite excited about it, I missed the previous deal. So, this bundle comes at a good time for me.

FirePresser combines four types of compressors in series. The intuitive Rainbow Pad lets you blend the four compressors to find the perfect balance.

The four compression emulations are Varimu, Stress, DB160, and 76. They are based on four massive hitters, the Manley Vari Mu, the Empirical Labs Destresser, the DBX 160, and the UREI 1176.

If you haven’t used multiple compressors in series before, this is a great way to get into it. If you have, the quirky FirePresser could be a time-saver and a simpler approach.

The cleverly named Front DAW provides an analog front door for every track. The idea is that with Front DAW as the first plugin on each track, emulating an analog input stage, you effectively turn your DAW mixer into an analog console.

Front DAW offers three types of saturation, BR (fat British consoles), US (punchy American style), and GE (German tube console).

It’s easy to use, with the Mojo knob controlling the amount of saturation applied. But, the really interesting thing about Front DAW is the VARM technology, Variable Analog Random Modeling. It means, like vintage analog hardware, each instance of Front DAW will behave slightly differently.

It should be CPU-friendly enough for you to run on many tracks, too.

Overall, this is a pretty cool bundle, considering the full retail price of Front DAW alone is around the same as the whole bundle deal.

I’ve got you this time, FirePresser!

More info: United Plugins Bundle (80% OFF @ Audio Plugin Deals)

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  1. Thanks James & BPB, what a nice deal.
    I love the Royal Compressor, which costs twice as much on its own. I got a nice deal on it though,
    Top quality APD, thanks again guys 😉

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