IK Multimedia T-RackS EQ 81 Is FREE Until January 31st!


IK Multimedia’s T-RackS EQ 81 legendary British Channel Strip is FREE for a limited time.

T-RackS EQ 81 (€99.99 value) is free for all IK Multimedia newsletter subscribers until January 31st, 2022.

If you have an IK Multimedia account, log in and head to your User Area. You should be met with a pop-up that allows you to redeem the freebie and subscribe to the newsletter if you haven’t already.

New users can register an account with IK Multimedia and follow the same steps.

You will need some version of the T-RackS 5 Mixing and Mastering plugin. You can download T-RackS 5 CS for free after subscribing to the newsletter if you don’t already have one. T-RackS 5 CS comes equipped with Classic T-RackS Equalizer and Metering.

The EQ 81 is based on an iconic early 70s module, the Neve 1081. Neve designed the 1081 to be a mic/line, preamp/EQ section for some of their modular consoles like the Neve 8048.

The sound of the Neve 1081 has been at the front of countless A-list recordings from Artists like Phil Collins, Daft Punk, Beyonce, and many more.

IK Multimedia’s EQ 81 offers the warmth and sheen associated with the Neve sound.

As well as the analog warmth, the EQ 81 offers a solution to tracks that require some precision work. This precision and versatility come via the four-band EQ section ( high/low shelving and two midrange peaking filters), followed by high/low pass filters.

The versatility of the EQ means you can be pretty subtle or aim to drag out more character from your sound.

The EQ 81 works very well for sculpting vocals or adding more bite to acoustic and electric guitars. It also works well if your drums need a little extra punch.

Here’s a demo video that shows IK Multimedia’s latest freebie in action.

However you use T-RackS EQ 81, you should be able to recreate a little bit of Neve magic without the cost.

If you’re interested in the EQ 81, I’d suggest you get it now. The end of the month might seem far enough away, but I’ve missed out on freebies over the years by saying I’ll get it later.

Thanks to IK Multimedia – get it now.

Download: T-RackS EQ 81 (FREE until January 31st)

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    • No dumb questions (well, rarely, and this isn’t one haha)

      Metering – a limited version of the complete T-RackS 5 metering


    • T-Racks 5 is a 2GB download, installs 900MB VST3. It also puts 1.7GB in Program Files/IK Multimedia and I think those may be install files that can be deleted.

      Install the plugins to their own folder, for example “VST3/IK Multimedia/” so they will not cause a mess. You can then delete the VSTs not used, or just add the ones you use to your DAW plugin list.

      IK has said T-Racks 6 will allow individual plugin installations.

  1. Unfortunately, IK free offer‘s have only taught me not to engage with them. Same with Acustica and Waves.
    Their whole installation/licensing process is just a nightmare.
    I‘ll stick with Airwindows.

    • Waves licensing is a breeze, yow. The only issue with Waves plugin Installer is that you have to uninstall everything to completely remove ALL plugin & Waves Central files.
      IK Multimedia is a bit tricky, especially with sound libraries because you have to download them within 180 days of purchase, otherwise you’ll need to pay 1 Euro to reactivate them. Also, for a product line like T-rackS you have to install all plugins in that line, which can be a bit annoying. Besides that, IK products are fantastic to use. No crashes, no glitchy GUI, resizable GUIs…
      Chris from Airwindows is a fantastic developer and you’d probably get by with his plugins just fine. I use about 6 out of 250+ of his plugins and they really are one of a kind. But the truth is (in my opinion) no developer in the world can have everything you need in your DAW, so to me, it only makes sense to pick and choose what you need from different developers.

    • Ian / Nihil Quest


      Same thing for me. The whole launcher-istallers thing is so annoying and it seems like every dev tries this. When I tried Slate, it had a a huge installer and yet he didn’t even put uninstall option on it! I didn’t try Acustica but I agree Waves and IK are the worst. At this point there’s nothing I want from them, free or not.

  2. That’s true Christian. Virtually all Integrated, online plugin installers always store a zip file somewhere in your computer for the products you Install. I have seen the same thing with Acustica Audio plugins. Acustica files can be quite big too, the same as IK Multimedia ones.

  3. Michal Ochedowski


    I authorized this plugin without any problems, but there is one particular difference. With other plugins i.e. Black 76 I could easily load the older GUI version and the refurbished new one. EQ 81 CS version still appears as not purchased. Has anyone else experience the same thing? I’ve checked in T-RackS CS and is not available there either. I can only start the trial. I know it’s a small gimmick, but that’s a first one with this developer.

      • Michal Ochedowski


        Yes, it’s all good in Custom Shop. I see no reason why it would not be available. Strange and also a bit ironic, because the photo used in this article is exactly the version, that’s not being recognized as plugin that I own.

        • Michal Ochedowski


          I’ve just realized that the EQ 81 CS version has the option in PREF to turn off oversampling. Now I’m really determined to get it working, since version with newer GUI doesn’t offer this choice to the user.

          • What do you mean when you say that with other plugins i.e. Black 76 you could easily load the older GUI version and the refurbished new one?.
            And when you refer to the EQ 81 “CS” version?
            T-RackS has four versions and CS is free, plugins like EQ81 and Black 76 are the same in all versions.

  4. I won’t even take their FREE stuff. It is unbelievably complicated to download their software, and you’re forced to download all of them instead of one at a time. I will not even take free plugins from companies like this or any that require an ilok. Hard pass.

  5. thx ! of course to you, not to IK multimedia haha. such a nightmare just to install one plugin… demn xd. But of course, appreaciated that u make the advice !! Love bedroomprod ! ♥

  6. Got to say I really like their stuff and their installer isn’t really as bad as I once thought. I think they’ve improved it. For some reason I can’t get the pop-up window to redeem this plugin. Tried from a few browsers and also on my phone but nothing. I’ve actually already got the plugin but it’s always good to have an extra license for when they do group buys (cynical I know but we’ll… ). No idea why it won’t work at my end but that’s the least of my worries. It’s -20 degrees outside and I need to go and buy milk. :).

  7. Metal Desk Lamp is a free sample library for Decent Sampler, Live, Kontakt

  8. This weekend lots of Zero-G sample packs are on sale at $5 at timespace.com
    Time & Space has given users 1000 points for just signing up in the past, and $5 is about 800 points. So I just picked up a free sample pack using those points.

  9. Future Synths for SampleTank 4 is included with Beat Mag no 3 2022, that will available to buy later this week

  10. Huh… I don’t see that offer on my page. I’m logged in but it still $99.00 no offers in the FREE section for it either.

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