Psy-Pan Pro Is A FREE Psychoacoustic Plugin By Apollo Beatz


Apollo Beatz offers Psy-Pan Pro, a freeware psychoacoustic panning effect for macOS and Windows.

Psy-Pan Pro is a psychoacoustic panning effect aimed primarily at sound designers while also being a valuable tool for audio engineers.

Sound designers love to create movement, especially in textural pads/soundscapes, and that’s precisely what Psy-Pan Pro has to offer.

Rather than focusing purely on the loudness of the left and right channels, this plugin provides a single slider to control the slight delay between the left and right channels, the amount of LP filter, and the loudness.

The result should be an almost 3D-like binaural effect with much more apparent movement that still sounds natural.

When we think about cinematic pads/soundscapes, many things make them gripping, but the movement is the most immersive quality. In music, we talk about tension and release; the film version would be anticipation and action. The anticipation of something scary is far tenser than the action itself, and the more you can immerse the audience in that situation, the better. So, consider movement if you’re scoring a project or just working on cinematic music (especially darker sounds).

Of course, it’s not only for cinematic music; that’s just my default train of thought when I think of sound design. Clever use of movement applies to any genre if it suits the particular sound/track.

Along with mimicking how humans hear sound, Psy-Pan Pro lets you push beyond the laws of nature and venture into more experimental territory.

The GUI has a bit more going on than some similarly-themed freebies. It comes with four Loudness Modes, including three Headphone Modes and one Loudspeaker Mode.

It also features a Wind section with a doppler engine, which imitates windy fly-bys. This section is quite interesting because you can control the speed and force of the sound crossing over the center from one side to another.

The Wind section offers controls for Contour, Color, Sensitivity, Resonance, Wind Amount, and a Low Cut Filter. You can be very precise about how harsh/smooth, substantial/airy, natural, or experimental you want to sound.

It could be an interesting addition for sound designers, and while it’s free, donations are welcome.

I’m going off-track a little (which isn’t uncommon for me, I know), but here’s a quick reminder that Karanyi Sounds Space or MNTRA Instruments Huracan are free with any purchase at Plugin Boutique throughout September.

Psy-Pan Pro is available in VST3 and AU plugin formats for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

Download: Psy-Pan Pro


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