Sphinx 2 Rompler Synthesizer By Infected Sounds Is Now FREE


Infected Sounds announces their rompler synth plugin Sphinx 2 is now FREE.

Infected Sounds are known for its various high-quality virtual plugins and synths.

The company even claims, “our mission is to develop high-quality Virtual Studio Technology Instruments for all those musically inclined, whether professional or amateur.”

Now, they are offering their Sphinx 2 rompler synth for FREE.

Romplers are a bit different than regular synths. Rather than synthesizing their sounds, romplers are loaded with various pre-recorded audio files triggered as users play.

While the sounds of a Rompler might not be as distinct as an authentic synthesized sound, they’re helpful for those looking to add authentic-sounding instruments to their productions.

At the forefront of Sphinx 2 is an extensive library of over 1806 sounds that Infected Sounds claims are “all in high-level commercial quality.”

These sounds are divided into 14 categories: bass, keys, pads, and leads.

The sheer quantity of included sounds makes this a useful plugin for producers in nearly any genre of music.

Beyond the sound selection, Sphinx 2 offers numerous effects controls, all within a simple user interface.

There’s a filter control with cutoff and resonance, plus a filter envelope for producers looking to fine-tune their filter with attack, sustain and release.

Additionally, there is an overall amp control with a complete set of ASDR controls, panning, and master output.

Users can also add portamento (glide) and fine-tune the pitch with octave, semitone, and fine-tune controls.

As a final touch, Sphinx 2 includes oscillator selection and an additional tab to add even more effects.

Infected Sounds offers multiple genre-specific expansion packs, such as EDM Sounds and Melbourne Bounce. Each pack is compatible with Sphinx 2 and is available for $15.99 USD.

Currently, Sphinx 2 is only available to users of Windows 7, 8, or 10 operating systems in VST, VST2, and VST3 formats.

To download this plugin, follow the link to the Sphinx 2 product page and add the plugin to your cart. Enter your standard information (name, address, etc.) at checkout, and you’ll receive a download link and installation instructions.

You can click the download link on the product page below to get the instrument for free. If you complete the checkout for $9.99, you will also receive updates.

More info from the developer about the recent download issues: “So finally we have a new server. And you can easily download from the site without the need to purchase. The purchase will be for updates. So finally much fast server. We had too many visitors. So the server crashed :( Now all is up and running. And you can just download everything in one file packed. instead of 3 different links.”

Download: Sphinx 2 (click the DOWNLOAD link in the description to get the plugin for free)


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  1. reminds me of that genesis pro synth from a couple years ago, whatever happened with that thing. i remember the hype and the disastrous launch and then never heard about it again

    • Pretty sure it faded into obscurity because it is PC 32-bit only. Which I am totally cool with, but many people demand a 64-bit and/or Mac version these days.

    (Full functionality but will play a white noise for 2
    seconds every minute)”

    hmmm – doesn’t read like it’s ‘now FREE’ if if plays ‘white noise’

    • Tomislav Zlatic


      That’s the demo version. But you should complete the free checkout to get the license file and fully unlock the plugin (it’s explained on the product page).

  3. 24+ hours later, still can’t download, license or software, I get told “There has been a critical error on this website”. Have tried several different browsers

      • But then something weird, after extracting the Sphinx VSTi ROM, there is no VSTi inside the folder, just the samples. Do the VSTi have to be downloaded separatly, I only got two links in my mail from IS, the link to the licence and to the ROM

        • I thought maybe I would have to download the demo, and replace the ROM, but that demo folder contains no presets or banks

          • Michal Ochedowski


            On the website h ttps://infectedsounds.se/product/sphinx-vst/ there is (Download Here) section in dark blue color. Click there. It contains the actual VST. Download size is 96 MB.

              • Michal Ochedowski


                Yes, Banks and Presets folder are empty. I’m wondering if this additional ROM folder in the same directory may have something to do with programmed sounds. It contains 72 MB of data, all .wav files divided into categories. Not sure how this would work though. Haven’t had time to test this synth yet.

  4. Nice, I was lucky and less than 2 minutes after visiting the web site, thing was downloaded :)
    Now, this is often the case when software is feature on the amazing, excellent, BPB pages !! :D

    The MonsterDAW Strings for example => still not available …

  5. Hello, yes that’s a bit strange with the download and the license. – But I “bought” everything, filled it out and also received a license. It has the name “View” and has to be in the VST (64/32) directory. – Yes, there is a 64-bit version, even VST3. – The categories can be selected and the presets too.
    It’s just a small selection of each and also very short samples. – Extensions, you can buy them.
    I also downloaded “RUD3” and it works similarly.
    But at least.

  6. Infected Sounds


    So finaly we have a new server. And you can easily download from the site without need to purchase. Purchase will be for updates. So finaly mutch fast server we r sry for the hangs. We had to mutch visitors. So server crashed :(

    Now all is up and running. And you can just download everything in one file packed. instead of 3 different links.

    • sorry, my bad. you need to click on the download link in the description, as it’s explained above in the article.

  7. Why on earth would IM make this only for Windows platform?

    Don’t they know most people make music on Macs?

    I read the whole article, got very interested — then let down by “M$ Only”.

    Hey, Mushrooms! Build on Mac *then* port to crappy Windows, ffs.

    This, combined with the flaky download server tells me that this outfit are broke-ass cheapskates.

    Very disappointing and, yes, I know it’s free — but it’s not free at all when it’s unusable nothing, is it?

    Windows. Unbelievable shite.

  8. Please can anyone explain step by step how to download the FREE Sphinx 2 Rompler Synthesizer By Infected Sounds as announced here?

    I actually downloaded the Sphinx VSTi.zip but I’m afraid it’s the demo version with white noise for 2 seconds every minute. If I click in the “buy” link, a shopping cart appears showing a total price of 25$.

    I don’t understand nothing.


    • Forget it.
      Only the first testing release was free. Formally it was never said to be just temporarily free, they said the initial releas was free with payed updates, but they just silently removed the initial release entirely, supposedly to avoid false advertizing accusations. So, the rompler is not free, it was a teaser. No one should have ever come back to this page to check facts. Actually the trick with the license key smelled fishy from the beginning.

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