Sonokinetic’s Orchestral Library Is FREE Until December 9th


Sonokinetic offers the Vivace Legacy orchestral library for Kontakt Player as a FREE download until December 9th, 2022.

The original Vivace library kickstarted a successful run of orchestral releases for Sonokinetic, and now, the developer returns to its roots for a seriously epic freebie.

Vivace Legacy is a refreshed version of the original, featuring an updated GUI and optimized samples. Best of all, it’s absolutely free to download and runs in the free Kontakt Player 7.

The downside is that it’s only free for a limited time, and the offer ends on December 9th, 2022. So, don’t miss it!

Of course, you can keep using the library if you claim the freebie before December 9th.

When you load Vivace Legacy, you’ll see five main folders:

  • Expressionists & Tutti Suspense
  • Harmonics
  • Inceptive Brass
  • Runs & Endings
  • Shocks & Stabs

The five folders provide a combined eleven patches offering everything from simple chords and crescendos to orchestrated phrase loops and Endings that sync to your host tempo.

Sonokinetic recorded four orchestral sections when making Vivace Legacy: Strings, Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion.

By default, each patch loads with the Tutti mic, but you can add/mix Balcony, Decca, and Wide.

Vivace Legacy does a couple of things I like straight away; the first is that it displays the score for each patch, which I always find interesting. It’s especially useful to see the score for more complex loops and runs because it lets you know exactly what you’re hearing, and it’s a good way to learn about orchestral scoring if you’re into that.

Another thing that I like is that it has a polyphonic mode for sustained chords, which allows you to stack chords. Simple things like stacking a major chord on top of its relative minor or stacking two major chords a whole tone apart provides some lovely extensions for a thick/lush or extremely tense sound.

Vivace Legacy offers various ways to tweak the default sound, like Tuning, microphone position, and EQ, but you can get pretty far just by riding the expression.

It’s basically a ready-made score that you can tweak and edit to fit whatever cinematic project you have, and, as you’ll hear from the demos, it sounds fantastic.

If you’re into cinematic sounds or think you might be in the future, don’t miss this freebie. Also, if you haven’t downloaded LABS Cassette Synth yet, try it; it’s a bit different but very cool.

Download: Vivace Legacy (FREE until December 9th, 2022)


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    • When I tried to download I get this message at checkout:

      The purchase of Vivace Legacy is halted for some time. Vivace Legacy will return soon.
      We have removed it from the cart.

          • I’ve tried to install and load Hypha and Vivace Legacy earlier today, whilst running K-Player v6.7.1. Sadly neither work. I’ve raised a ticket with NI explaining that sadly, my computer’s graphics card does not meet Player v7 requirements (i.e. need to support Direct3D 11.1 rendering or above … my card is only an ati radeon hd4550) in the vain hope that there is a workaround. I don’t have high hopes (!) and fear that my time of free new NI libraries has come to an end. Still, I’m just grateful for all the great instruments that I DO have on hand :-) Hope this helps.

            • Thanks a lot Mr Snowman, it definitely helps. I assumed NI would do that, but just wanted to be sure.
              I guess I’ll register the license, and wait for better days (the day to update my computer would have to come eventually).
              Hope you find a way to get an upgrade soon!

            • ** UPDATE ** For what it’s worth, NI have now confirmed the above comments … anyone running K6 or KP6 can’t use Vivace Legacy or Hypha.

          • It’s kind of a grey area. They give you a code which they say is for Native Instruments, but when I put it into native Access, it says that the code isn’t valid, which makes me think it’s actually a pulse downloader code.

    • Add the serial number via Native Access, then locate the DL folder location. Native access is buggy as hell atm so you might run into errors/excessive wait times

  1. “Best of all, it’s absolutely free to download and runs in the free Kontakt Player 7.”

    This is awesome!

    Thanks Sono and BPB. :D

  2. The “Place Your Order” button isn’t activated. Is anyone else unable to download this? I tried in Chrome and Edge.

  3. Same here, when I try to order Vivace Legacy, I got the following message ” The purchase of Vivace Legacy is stopped for some time. Vivace Legacy will return soon.
    We have removed it from the cart.”

  4. For some reason this is not working anymore…
    “The purchase of Vivace Legacy is stopped for some time. Vivace Legacy will return soon.
    We have removed it from the cart.”

  5. Frits van Zanten


    Requires Kontakt 7 (which contradicts in a way the Legacy aspect), that excludes a lot of potential users. Also, no information on required disk space.

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