Wheel Of Fortune FREE Kontakt Instrument By Artvera


Artvera releases Wheel Of Fortune, a free Kontakt library released in memory of one of the best and most famous free VST plugin developers.

Around 2009, when Bedroom Producers Blog was still in its infancy, H.G. Fortune’s virtual instruments were some of the best freebies one could download.

More Than Just An Instrument

The Wheel Of Fortune by Artvera is not just a fantastic new free Kontakt instrument. It is a tribute to the legacy of a truly talented developer in music production and sound design.

Günter Hager, aka H.G. Fortune, produced many high-quality free software synthesizers. It has been almost ten years since he left us unexpectedly, and this sample library is a way to keep his memory alive and honor his contributions to the field.

The Wheel Of Fortune

The Wheel Of Fortune Kontakt instrument by Artvera is a powerful tool for sound design and music production. With each layer boasting 65 sound sources, it is perfect for creating unique and dynamic sounds.

One standout feature of the instrument is the inclusion of four sounds that can add a more noise-like effect to your compositions. Additionally, the random function allows for random selection between the two layers, providing endless inspiration and experimentation.

Each layer can be further modulated with LP Cutoff, Volume, and Pan, giving you precise control over the sound. And with effects such as Flanger, Stereo, Lo-Fi, Delay, and Reverb, you can further shape and sculpt your sound to your liking.

You can achieve a wide range of sounds with the 60 included presets. And the 134 .ncw files ensure you have plenty of high-quality samples at your disposal.

Despite its powerful capabilities, the instrument is very light on RAM and CPU usage. It is an ideal choice for those with limited resources.

In summary, the Wheel Of Fortune Kontakt instrument by Artvera is a must-have tool for any musician looking to add unique and dynamic sounds to their compositions. With its extensive range of sound sources, modulations, and effects, the possibilities are endless. It has low system requirements. And is accessible to almost anyone.

Grab it for free from Artvera Music. Compatible with Kontakt version 5.8.1 and higher, the Wheel Of Fortune is well suited for ambient music. This instrument won’t disappoint.

And if you’re feeling nostalgic, you can still download some of H.G. Fortune’s wonderful instruments from his website.

Download: Wheel Of Fortune (you’ll need to scroll down the page a bit to find the download)


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  1. RIP HG Fortune. One of the early developers of plugs. I still use many of his creations, ProtoPalsmTSMPro is a favourite. Great that Art Vera keep his legacy alive :-)

  2. Don’t have Kontakt, but this brings back many fond memories of running H.G. Fortune’s plugins inside of Jeskola Buzzmachines. He made so many unique plugins. The guy was a genius, and his Wheel of Fortune 2 is my favorite 32 bit plugin. I’ve been meaning to sample it and convert it to MPC Keygroups…

    Speaking of Buzzmachines, it’s still around and the latest version runs great in Windows 11. I still have my old install folder from 2005, lol.

  3. This is a wonderful tribute to HG. I have all his synths and communicated with him several times years ago and he was always so gracious and helpful. I think he’d like this.

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