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If you have been interested in the mighty AI-powered Emergent Drums 2 but couldn’t afford it, now it’s the perfect time to save and grab it.

Audialab is currently having a flash sale on its flagship product, and you can get Emergent Drums 2 for $79 instead of $249 for a limited time.

Voted by MusicRadar.com as one of the most innovative software products of the current year, its ability to generate virtually infinite royalty-free drum samples is undoubtedly admirable.

However, the word “royalty-free” isn’t there without a reason. Since there are AI applications trained after source materials, that could lead to potential copyright strikes.

Emergent Drums 2 is different, though, since its generative models are trained to design unique drum samples from scratch, so you get entirely original results each time.

One fantastic application would be to refill your handpicked drum sample collection with lots of variation. This can be done by employing the Deep Sampling technology to easily create variations of your favorite drum sounds.

Drum kits are everywhere today, and even if trillions of them are available on the market, there is still the chance to use something already used by someone else.

To counteract this scenario, most music producers are used to designing their own drum samples by employing synthesis or sampling and layering various drum machines or acoustic recordings for hybrid and unique results.

While this is still a great practice, exploiting an AI assistant like Emergent Drums 2 with its generative power could hugely benefit your workflow.

You can even choose between two distinctive generative sound models: Creamy and Crunchy.

The first leads to shimmering cymbals, deep, full-body kicks, and snares that snap and pop in your mix.

The latter is perfect for generating high-energy noise, gritty, and glitchy sounds for the most demanding experimental genres.

In addition to the sample generation process, it must be noted that the instrument can be played via MIDI, complete with multi-out support, so you can shape each of the 16 pads on its own channel in your DAW for maximum flexibility.

Emergent Drums 2 also features built-in support for sample layering and effects like clipping, filtering, and pitch-shifting to sculpt your imported or generated samples to your needs.

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