Strezov Sampling Offers FREE Drums And Percussion Toolbox


Strezov Sampling releases The Creative ToolboX: Drums and Percussion freebie for Kontakt Player.

Strezov Sampling is the developer behind multiple orchestral releases, including Macabre Solo Strings and The Felt Seiler Pro.

The orchestral-friendly developer is now celebrating its 10th anniversary in style with the release of a new freebie for Kontakt Player: The Creative ToolboX.

The Creative ToolboX is a completely free virtual band, or at least it will be. Drums and Percussion is the first part, but we have more to look forward to down the line.

The Creative ToolboX: Drums and Percussion include drum machines, acoustic drums, and a percussion section.

The featured drum machines are the Roland TR08 and Behringer RD6. By default, you start with the TR08 sound, but the Alt Kit button will switch over to the RD6. An FX Processed button also launches a heavily processed version of the current kit.

One of the cool things about the interface is that each drum has individual Alt Kit and FX buttons. So, you don’t need to swap out the entire kit if you just want an RD6 kick, for example.

The interface also includes an EQ section, Compressor, Transient Shaper, Saturation, and some effects, including Reverb, Predelay, and Decay.

The percussion section features most of the usual suspects, like Bongos, Congas, Castanets, and Cajon.

Strezov Sampling has given us multiple freebies already, including The Felt Seiler (free edition) and Diamond Jazz Trio.

I like that Strezov Sampling tackles just about every character of orchestral and cinematic instruments. Some instruments are sweet and unassuming, some are dark and tense, and others are just epic. The Diamond Jazz Orchestra even covers the cheesier, almost show-tune-like side of orchestral playing, although it does more than a cheesy big band sound.

It’s always good to see developers give back to music makers with a few freebies here and there. Drums and Percussion seems like an excellent start to The Creative ToolboX collection, and I’m keen to see what comes next.

The Creative ToolboX is available for the FREE Kontakt Player 7.0.11 upwards. The full version of Kontakt is supported but not required.

Download: The Creative ToolboX: Drums and Percussion


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    This drum toolbox sounds great, very nice work.
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