Get FREE Coda Sample Pack From Plugin Boutique For A Limited Time


Murst Instruments offer the Coda sample pack for free download until August 31st.

Who doesn’t love samples? If you’re into left-field sound arrangement, resampling, or any other sort of sound mangling, you’re in for a treat.

Coda is a free sample pack available from Murst Instruments. You can grab this until August 31st over at Plugin Boutique before it goes to its default price of $29.00.

So what will you get when you download Coda?

Coda is a sample comprised of over 350 samples captured from the likes of modular synths and other hardware. You’ve got a slew of loops and one-shots that are just begging to be repurposed into other material.

The samples are divided up into four separate categories. You’ve got drums in both loop and one-shot format. These are all bespoke and were synthesized from scratch on a modular synth.

These sounds are great for techno and house, especially with a little grit and distortion on them. You can use our free BPB Dirty Filter Plus plugin for that.

Textures are the next category up, and explore more timbres and drones. These are great for just chucking into a granular processor, looper, or what have you and going to town with the possibilities. You can coax some splendid results out of these with some experimentation.

The Synth category brings some more tonal elements to the fore. You’ll find typical arp and lead loops here for getting inspiration.

I am very fond of the more Todd Barton textures and loops; I could see them being used as wavetables once you isolate a pitch.

The sample pack is rounded out by Ambience, a collection of sounds run through Murst’s Glass. This is a splendid selection of atmospheres that pair quite well with the likes of Other Desert Cities and Blackhole.

Now, Coda isn’t suited for every genre, at least in terms of constructing tracks whole cloth. Instead, it is a beautiful source of inspiration and grounds for ample experimentation.

You can grab Coda for free until August 31st. It is available for free download exclusively on Plugin Boutique.

You don’t need a specific OS to use it. Anything that can load lossless WAV files should do just fine. There are some Ableton presets contained within the download as well.

Download: Coda (FREE until August 31st)


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  1. Worthwhile sample packs are ten a penny these days, I am happy to say.
    It is nice to give this away, but I think it should have been free from the get go, it doesn’t stand out in an overcrowded market.

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