HydraTek And Spektralisk Offer Two FREE Sample Packs!


HydraTek and Spektralisk have launched two free sample packs stemming from their Kult sound banks.

You probably remember HydraTek and Spektralisk from a recent giveaway on BPB, which featured a pair of expansion packs they created for Kult. The creative duo has returned, offering two free sample packs that offer a slice of what’s possible with their preset collections.

Okkult – Distorted Basses & Sequences

The first pack, “Okkult – Distorted Basses & Sequences,” is inspired by the Oblivium Alpha expansion for Kult.

It targets complex sequences and aggressive basslines, ideal for gritty cinematic settings and heavy, dark, bass-driven music genres.

Okkult comprises 50 royalty-free sample loops, split into 27 basses and 23 sequences, all BPM and key-labeled in high-quality 24-bit 48 kHz WAV format.

These samples, processed versions of the original patches, are instantly ready for use or further manipulation in your productions.

Okkult is a unique free sample pack that is suited for fans of Neuro, Noisecore, Hardcore, and experimental electronic music or those seeking to add a distinctive dark edge to their compositions.

Chasm – Oblivium Drones

The second pack, “Chasm – Oblivium Drones,” originates from the Oblivium Omega expansion for Kult. It focuses on vast dark soundscapes and apocalyptic drones.

Chasm also includes 50 royalty-free sounds, catering to genres that favor heavy, imposing, and sinister audio. It’s particularly apt for horror, dark sci-fi, or industrial music and is free to download.

These samples, approximately 20 seconds each, are available in 24-bit 48 kHz quality, making them excellent for cinematic transitions.

Both packs embody a dark cinematic sound with hints of sci-fi horror inspiration. The sounds are richly textured and organic, offering great potential for further creative manipulation using filters, samplers, or effects like those available from Glitchmachines.

If you like cinematic samples, our indie 99Sounds label continuously provides amazing free sample packs. And if you want more comprehensive collections, explore the premium Flame Sound label.

Download: Okkult / Chasm (FREE)


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