Flame Sound Releases FREE Cinematic SFX Library


Flame Sound released FREE Cinematic SFX, a free sound effects collection handpicked from premium Inferno SFX, Firestarter SFX, and Heatwave sound libraries. Firestarter SFX is the latest premium offering, featuring 250 production-ready trailer sound effects.

As most BPB readers know, Flame Sound is my sound design label. I also publish free sound effects on 99Sounds, but Flame Sound is where I publish some premium releases alongside free content.

Well, after over a year of hard work, I finally published the next Flame Sound release. But let’s cover the freebie first!

FREE Cinematic SFX

FREE Cinematic SFX by Flame Sound

FREE Cinematic SFX is a collection of 53 cinematic sound effects from commercial Flame Sound releases. It contains braams, impacts, booms, tension builders, and many other cinematic sounds.

All content is completely royalty-free, so you can use it for music production, videos, and other content creation without worrying about copyright issues.

What’s cool is that the sound effects from the announcement trailer (basically everything you hear in the video) are available in the freebie pack!

So, if you’re looking for some cinematic sounds to use in your next project, then definitely download FREE Cinematic SFX.

Firestarter SFX

Firestarter SFX by Flame Sound

And if you need more sounds, you can check out Firestarter SFX.

Firestarter is available in two different sizes:

  • Firestarter SFX Intro ($19, contains 125 sounds)
  • Firestarter SFX Complete ($39, contains 250 sounds + FREE bonuses)

The Complete edition also includes the entire Heatwave cinematic soundscapes library from Flame Sound and an additional 1 GB of royalty-free field recordings.

The sounds in Firestarter SFX are exactly what you’d expect to hear in a blockbuster movie trailer. It features cutting-edge braams, impacts, booms, downshifters, tension builders, and much more.

As always, the braams are the star of the show. The pack features a wide range of braam sounds, ranging from simple brassy braams to crazy hybrid impacts with a braam layer.

I’m also a big fan of the cinematic loops, and the clock sounds included in Firestarter SFX. These are excellent for adding tension and rhythm to trailers, but they will also work great for music production.

Here’s the full breakdown of what’s included in Firestarter SFX:

  • 30 x Accents
  • 22 x Booms
  • 34 x Braams
  • 22 x Downers
  • 34 x Impacts
  • 20 x Cinematic Loops
  • 37 x Tension Builders
  • 24 x Textures
  • 27 x Transitions

You can access Firestarter SFX and FREE Cinematic SFX right now on Flame Sound. All sounds are royalty-free and provided in 24-bit WAV format.

Feel free to share the news about FREE Cinematic SFX – every little bit helps!

More info: FREE Cinematic SFX / Firestarter SFX

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