BPB GIVEAWAY: Dawesome Kult + Oblivium Alpha & Omega Expansion Packs (WINNERS ANNOUNCED)


Dawesome, HydraTek, and Spektralisk offer three FREE copies of the Dawesome Kult virtual instrument and a brand-new double expansion pack to one lucky BPB reader!

The expansion pack project is called Oblivium, and it’s divided into two individual packs: Oblivium Alpha and Oblivium Omega.

It’s a meticulous collection of handcrafted presets that explore dark synth tones. The patches result from a collaboration between two sound designers who combined their artistic influences and unique styles.

Originally inspired by the Doom soundtrack and designed for Dawesome’s epic Kult synthesizer, Oblivium features a dark dystopian vibe. It is perfect for any composer or music producer looking for aggressive, organic, and complex sounds.

The sound bank has a strong horror-movie influence, and you will definitely get some inspiration for a spooky cinematic soundtrack.

Each expansion pack features 75 expressive presets, deeply customizable for both traditional MIDI keyboards and MPE controllers. The patches offer a vast array of sonic variation and customization possibilities for each of the 150 included patches.

With a main focus on complex sequences and aggressive, abrasive basslines, Oblivium Alpha thrives in gritty cinematic scenarios. It works great for dark bass-oriented music genres, while its sibling Omega takes care of desolate soundscapes and apocalyptic drones. 

For those unfamiliar with Kult, it’s the latest innovative synthesizer from Dawesome.

Its uniqueness comes from its +30 complex oscillators, based on the mathematical chaos theory called Strange Attractors. 

While not the place to dive deeper into this fascinating subject, it’s enough to say that you must hear it to believe it.

Kult’s innovative sound shaping options allow for organic overtones, a paradise for west-coast buchla-style synthesis enthusiasts.

You can further shape the sound with intuitive FM and AM synthesis controls, which seamlessly interact with the natural, organic sources. 

The expanded filter section features a formant filter per voice, two comb filters that are driven by a distortion stage, and an analog filter with two coupled stages.

Featuring also an arpeggiator and a powerful but intuitive modulation system, the timbres possible with Kult are countless.

This is now your chance to get your hands on Oblivium, which offers a wide range of sonic textures to discover inside Kult.

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The Giveaway

Dawesome, HydraTek, and Spektralisk offer three FREE copies of Kult + Oblivium Alpha and Omega to one lucky BPB reader.

To enter the giveaway, answer the following question in the comments section below: Do you prefer using presets or programming your synth patches from scratch?

We will randomly select and announce the lucky winner on this page on Monday, September 25th.

Good luck, everyone, and thank you for reading Bedroom Producers Blog!

The lucky winners are:

  • Klaus
  • Dmitry
  • KalnzEB

Congratulations to our lucky winners (you will receive the prizes via email)! To everyone else, better luck next time – more giveaways are coming soon.

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  1. I love good presets. They are often designed by experts with more talent and experience than me. There is always the possibility to adjust and tweak them later to make them more suitable for a track. A clear YES to presets from my side.

  2. Presets

    I am a songwriter, music theorist, arranger. Not a sound designer. I get decision fatigue tweaking every knob & eventually can’t decide what sounds good anymore. With presets, I can focus on what matters most: making music.

  3. Depends on the synth, some are intuitve usable, like most fm-synths (from the scratch). Most of the new instruments are so complex that I try the presets and tweak them

    • I rarely use presets. But I sometime like to study and try to reverse engineer them. There are really good presets, and many go beyond my understanding of sound design, and are designed in a much more practical way, than my own sounds. But I prefer to explore and enjoy the journey of designing a sound from the beginning. I also record a lot of sounds myself to later use them in samplers, and granular synths. Another reason I prefer making my own sounds, is that I can develop a more authentic character and style.

  4. I prefer to get familiar with the presets, analyze some of them,then use one as a starting point and develop something from there. This has proven to be a method with which I learn a lot and get great results.

  5. Depence of the complication of the synth, sometimes I prefer to use a preset and tweak or not, normally with soft synth. and sometimes with Hardware synth I prefer start form the scratch

  6. I really like to make my own patches but I’ll often start with the presets in an unfamiliar synth as they can really help to show what’s possible and also provide inspiration!

  7. Depends on what my mood does or what sound needs to make them compliment

    I do program mostly
    I use presets if I don’t much time or even don’t find some sounds that might be compliment

    • Start from scratch all the way. It’s a nice feeling to formulate a bass sound from scratch, or to make a nice melodic lead, or some intense super saws. I feel when I used presets in the past, upon listening to my creation, when everything is layered so nicely, the presets I used would often standout, and not in a good way. Sure, I went through the route of personalising then myself, but the satisfaction was never there.

      Learning how to manipulate your chosen VST is a must for anyone, so instead of editing presets, why wouldn’t you just start from scratch, what’s the worse that could happen?

  8. I like a bit of both. The possibilities of creating your own sounds are endless. Sometimes I might land on a preset, and I’ll tweak it until I find it suitable for my music. Either or, it’s fun.

  9. Dear BPB why pick a random entry and not reward those who put efforts into writing a thoughtful comment?
    Many such posts do have great value as research material for brands. They pay research companies when they can read quality comments on your quality site…
    I previously wrote such posts, drawing on my 20y experience selling and buying gear and testing probably a good thousand plugins.
    Anyhow as a reply to this post I start from presets, my valuable advice is for companies to devise a smart preset browser such as what U-HE do.
    I don’t just tweak presets I most often will build custom FX chains on top, particularly saturation and filters.
    Overall I find synths build-in FX mostly useless as I much prefer using my personal delays and reverbs.
    Only a few synths have really outstanding FX. One area where many synths lack is a truly great filter section.
    I can’t recommend enough the lesser known Zebra CM, goodness what a delicious freebie !!
    Thanks BPB anyhow and best producing to all.

  10. I love sound design so I like to start from nothing and build up a sound. However, when writing actual music it almost always makes sense to start from a preset and tweak.

  11. I prefer to use presets and tweak them, because I don’t have the patience to create patches from scratch. What I love is a preset randomizer but few synths do this really well. One of the OGs in my opinion is Oatmeal by Fuzzpilz which had a great randomizer that seemed to generate endless interesting patches.

  12. I prefer to use a preset as a starting point to get the sound I want. In other words, I almost never leave a preset in its initial state, but I do tweak it a bit more

  13. Both. Even though I am the creator of KULT I sometimes dissect the presets that other sound designers made, because they are using techniques that I had not in mind! there is always something to learn from. But sometimes its also fun to start from scratch. And when I create a synth … there are simply no presets in the beginning, so I have to start from zero.

  14. I like to start by browsing through some presets and then tweak from there to get the exact sound I’m looking for. Thank you for doing this giveaway! Kult is an amazing synth and the expansion packs sound incredible! Good luck everyone! :)

  15. Matthew B. Carter


    I love trying to make and use my own presets on a vst synth. It can teach you a lot about how the synth works and then makes it easier to edit each sound to fit your productions better.

  16. I usually create the beat using presets with slight tweaks at most. Then at the end of the composition really dig into each sound and make sure it’s perfect to the idea in my mind. This way I don’t end up spending like 1 hour just tweaking a synth and forget my song idea.

    – Marco

  17. Happy accidents are everything to me, and they are much more likely to happen if starting from a preset and then tweaking it towards the unexpected. To me there’s something much more inspiring about starting from a series of pre-established interactions, and changing the factors at play (very easy example, switching wavetables).

    Conversely, if I’m not looking for inspiration and am trying to produce something specific – then of course starting from scratch makes the most sense (e.g. designing a sub bass or an overdub part).

    It’s all about maintaining a sense of flow and not letting the instrument (or its presets) get in your way!

    Good luck for the giveaway :3

    • Preset from style at hand. If various sources, you get ideas which you might not get just by doing everything yourself from scratch.

  18. Most of the time i prefer use good presets and tweak them so they sounds even better!
    Thank BPB for the giveaway! Hope i win license)))

  19. I usually start from scratch, but what I really ought to do is spend some time creating template presets for tried and true sounds and start from scratch when I’m trying to make something unique (like FX).

    Starting from scratch may often feel like you’re trying to reinvent the wheel, but the other hand how do you get better at programming synths if you don’t start from scratch?

  20. I am usually too lazy and too impatient to create my own sounds from scratch. The selection of good synths and presets is also very large. But sometimes I change presets so much that they no longer sound like the original and then save them when I like them. Most of the time, though, they’re more random hits haha.

    But I really like it when you can automate sounds to make them sound more alive or just to create some movement.

  21. If I know what I want, I create my own sound from scratch. If I don’t know what I want, I try presets. Sometimes, it gives a new sense of music.

  22. depends on your goals, Both approaches have their advantages and drawbacks .
    at the end experience & creativity matter.

  23. I like programming my own synth patches from scratch. That said, I do use presets and even buy presets when learning a new synth, being able to load presets from other sources I feel like it is the parts of software synths I admire alot.

  24. I generally start with a preset and then tweak it if need be. I would love to be someone who could craft something new from an initialized synth but I am not there yet.

  25. When I have a new plugin I listen to the presets to hear what the plugin is capable of and have a look what gets tweaked by the preset. Then I tweak myself and/or start from an init sound.

  26. It depends on the synth, some are more straight forward when building a patch from scratch, but others have so many options and hidden settings that starting from a preset and tweaking is a more conducive to the creative flow.

  27. Do you prefer using presets or programming your synth patches from scratch?

    It depends on my mood… it varies.

    I would try to program my synth patch from scratch if I have a particular sound in mind for the song I am working on…

    But if I can’t find The sound by tweaking the buttons I would jump into the presets and use the one with the name the more appealing in accordance with the song’s vibe… and tweak the preset eventually to fit more with the other instrumentals…

    But Sometimes I’d use a preset if I don’t have a chord progression… and fiddling with the preset could generate a chord progression…eventually a new song.

    So.. it actually depends on the need or the mood or the time I have.

    Cheers to all !

  28. I often like to start with a preset since the larger details such as arrangement, song structure, and melody are what get me to a rough draft the fastest. From there I’ll tweak presets to fit the track better, along with adding effects, more percussion, ear candy, etc

  29. Wht’s good Bpb’s gang! I like both, use presets as an starting point and from scratch too, mainly when inspiration comes naturally!

  30. I do prefer using presets. There are some conditions that require me to do the sound design myself. but I still use presets more often.

  31. I like using presets, but I will create my own as well and or tweak existing presets. My default tho is to rock inspirational presets first – mostly because if I’m in the moment of creation I go with whatever sounds good.

  32. I usually use presets and modify them later, but sometimes I feel like making something from scratch and when I get the right effect, the joy of creating it is much greater.

  33. I start with presets and midify them if I don’t like the result I try to create my own synth patches.
    I also like random little dice buttons.

  34. Aitoreya Mukherjee


    I prefer programming my synth patches from scratch, but I do cycle through factory presets to get a sense of the strengths and weaknesses.

  35. I prefer presets, and to tweak them further

    Also nothing that Audiolatry has a competition going, win all their plugins, one day left to enter

  36. I like to see what something is capable of by seeing how many presets sound good and then making adjustments starting from there. It’s rare I will start completely from scratch but it does happen

  37. A good preset can inspire a whole track! Presets for the win! Map three or four params in an Ableton rack, and automate. Done!

  38. It depends. If it’s only a short DAW session possible, I click through the presets and then adjust them if necessary or use them that way with another VST efx or outboard effects. If I have a lot of time or a sound design session coming up, I like to “draw a sound out of the synthesizer from the init preset” myself. Kind regards

  39. I help myself from both. I never usually modify the factory Presets, if I do, I duplicate them and put the name with an indicator that I have modified it. First when buying a Plugin I look at all the presets that I like and when I start to master it, I create new ones from scratch. Greetings BPB!!!

  40. I prefer finding a preset, then tweaking from there. On ones I’m unfamiliar with, starting from scratch will help me learn.

  41. It really depends. Sometimes making a synth from scratch really hits, other times, I feel better leaning on a preset. They’re there for a reason, right?

  42. making patches. i use presets just when i have a new synth and want to see/hear the range of the synth
    but otherwise i mostly make patch

  43. Sounds good, i like it!

    Also, right now i prefer to use presets and modify them a little if needed, but i hope to get into creation of my own from scratch.

  44. rogramming from Scratch:
    Complete control: Starting from scratch allows for precise control over every aspect of the sound, enabling unique and tailored results.

  45. It depends on the synth I’m using and the complexity of the sound I’m trying to achieve. Some synths (eg Synth1) I am more inclined to program from scratch because I know the architecture and can easily home in on the sound I want. If it is a more complex sound I’m looking for, or a new Synth engine I haven’t explored much yet, I’ll more likely start with a preset and tweak (as the vast majority of folks have stated).

    Often presets are the quickest way, and good presets can inspire me to take a different direction than I had originally thought I would go.

  46. Depends on the synth , I make my sounds in vital from scratch , but Presets can be good for starting point in some synths like arturia with thousands preset library. They can also inspire you.
    Different sounds = Different Mood & Melodies

  47. I like making sounds from scratch but I get into some pretty deep rabbit holes, you only have so much time and I’d rather spend it getting ideas and feelings down as quickly as possible. Presets presets presets definitely!

  48. I generally prefer programming my presets from scratch, but presets can be a welcome inspiration and give an idea of a synth’s capabilities and functionality, especially if it’s complex or unique.

  49. I usually start from scratch if i have any idea in my head about the exact sound that i want to create. Otherwise, i just use presets and modify them a little bit. It also depends on the synth itself. If it is a wavetable synth or a hybrid one like Viral, Serum or PhasePlant, generally prefer to start from scratch and then experiment with the sound. If it is an analogue emulator, a semi analogue synth or something like that, i prefer to use an already programmed preset without modifying it at all, as long as it reproduce the original sound that the author wanted it to reproduce.

  50. for me both. just depends on how I feel like. if I feel inspirational – I usually make my own, and to be honest sometimes it turns out to be banger lol. feeling lazy or I just have bangers made by other artists in my pocket – I use them. I am a serum user tho

  51. Usually, I start with the presets, then I try some tweaking on a sound that impresses me and finally I make my own preset after a while of hanging around with the feeling.of the sound, thanks!

  52. I don’t care, if the sound is good, don’t matter if it came from me or not… I try to learn How to create my own synths, But i use pressets often two…

  53. Always start with initial (if there is an option) and dive deep to explore the capabilities of the synth. On the way I save a l patches that I like the synth sounds.

  54. Sometimes I use preset as it is if I don’t have a clear vision for a sound and maybe tweak it to match the song. But if I know what I want, it’s usually faster to make sound from scratch.

  55. Christian Krupa


    I definitely do a bit of both, but got some reason I feel like I’m cheating unless I start from scratch, which if you think about it is a bit daft, unless you build the synth yourself maybe… hang on, is that why I’m building noise makers in a shed down the road out of old TV valves? 😂

    • For me it’s a combination of the two. I’ll often start with patches and tweak the synth settings in order to quickly get the sounds I’m looking for, but I do also start from scratch sometimes if I have more time and can spend it on sound creation.

      Good luck everyone!

  56. I typically start with presets and tweak from there. I occasionally need some new inspiration that only starting from scratch can fulfill.

  57. Most virtual synths have one or more “init” presets. I have never missed the opportunity to start there and explore the thing. Polished presets are fun but often make us too humble to begin our own trip into the unknown!

  58. Depends on the synth, to be honest. On classic subtractive synths I prefer starting from scratch. With FM, granular and more complex synths, I usually start with a preset and tweak it.

  59. I use presets mostly, but only because my own sound design skills aren’t as good as I’d like them to be yet. I’d love to achieve the level where I could sell presets myself.

  60. I program from scratch, but if there are certain sounds I can’t really replicate, I’ll open a preset and do reverse engineering to understand how they make the sounds.

  61. Love building my presets from scratch. Helps make my music more unique and I learn all about the synth in more depth, rather than just relying on the inbuilt presets.

    Good luck everyone in the competition! :-)

  62. Well even though I love sound sculpting and feel the need to be original but have to be honest and say that I prefer presets. I gets me inspired so quickly and keep it melodic from there.

  63. I prefer using presets if I had to pick. I like sound design, too, but when I’m in a songwriting mood, I’m not in a sound-designing mood and visa versa. Plus I like to treat presets as helpful band members: they contribute sounds I didn’t have in mind but changes the tracks for the better. It gets me out of the formulaic rut of dialing in the same patches and expands my understanding of options. Then I take what I learned and hone it when I’m back in sound-design mode.

  64. Q: Do you prefer using presets or programming your synth patches from scratch?
    A: Any way the wind blows doesn’t really matter to me, to me.

  65. In my case it’s always a combination of both. I usually start with a preset and prepare a demo of a song, and the further I go, the more I tweak the patches and create a couple of new ones when necessary. With millions of patches available, often created by top notch sound designers, it makes no sense not to try and adopt them in my music. Besides, deadlines often make you take a shortcut when possible so you can spare some time just in case you have to focus a bit longer on mixing and mastering.

  66. I prefer doing my patches from scratch. But I like preset browsing too because sometimes thy can show the full potential of a synth.

  67. I usually use presets and tweak them a bit, but depending on the context sometimes I prefer to make my own sounds from scratch

  68. I use every method available applicably. I use presets when I’m In the mood to make a beat fast, & get an Idea out more quickly. Then If I don’t like the sound/preset I will then use the secondary option which Is to tweak the preset to preference, liking etc.

    Lastly. The 3rd method, in no particular order to prior methods, would be to just create a preset from (INT) scratch. I tend to sound design my sounds when I want a more unique sound stylistically for certain vibe.

    Ultimately, (presets) teaches/shows you the inner workings structurally of what control features to be engaged for “sound design” is predicated upon theoretically..

    In turn “sound design”, & having a grasp, understanding of it allows you to then masterfully create presets. Which IS why I say I use all 3 methods, i.e preset, tweaked modified presets, & straight from (INT) scratch

    And I always start with the basics, essentials etc. Then I’ll try to get fancy with effects/modulation patterns lol..

  69. To be quite honest, I spent years trying to learn to make my own patches but honestly, I still love presets. Besides being great to study, they actually help me in writing music. I find a big issue with making my own for a project is often getting lost in said sound design rather than actual music writing aspect.

  70. Depends, if time is a factor then presets offer a great starting point so you can just get on with making music. If I have more time I like to create my own weird and wonderful presets, especially in synths like Vital, Serum & Alchemy. I don’t think people should be so hung up on whether to use presets or not; if it helps you to make great music then why should you care?

  71. Programming patches, saving them and being surprised by them later when trying in the context of another track. Some become recurring, like when you make a unique and effective bass patch.

  72. Usually I use presets as a starting point, but I’m slowly learning how to make patches from scratch, especially in Vital. Some synths have a “randomize” option which generate brand new sounds on the fly, and I find that fun, especially in Melda’s MSoundFactory which has allows you to adjust the randomization amount by ctrl+clicking or alt+clicking the “Random” button.

  73. Presets are a great starting point to see what the synth is capable of. There are some sound designers who can really create a work of art. And then you try to come up with something that is not a work of art but work in progress but that is fine. It is always learning from the best and trying to get better.

  74. I can do both depending on what the music is doing or needing. I do like to find a preset that I like the general vibe of then launch off into new tangents with it and see where that ends up.

  75. Jonathan Marchant


    I like to use presets most of the time, but if I’m feeling froggy, I sometimes build one from scratch and save it for later.

  76. I like to be creative and do it myself. But sometimes presets are much more interesting than what I can come up with myself. In this case, I will select presets.

  77. a little of both for me. I’ll usually see what a synth can do by thumbing through presets, making tweaks along the way. Then I’ll often begin searching for the “init” patch or setting (sometimes for much longer than I’d like!). From there, I like to explore from scratch. When tweaking existing presets – they often sound so good these days, it can be pretty hard to make it sound anything but worse when tweaking existing presets IMO but all depends on the synth!

  78. Mostly use presets and edit them, only a few times have I found a preset fit so well that I barely touched it. More often it ends up sounding completely different, but the preset gives a good starting point.

  79. Presets define the sound I’m looking for, then slight adjustments can sometimes get it to a finished state, when I want to get really creative, I go for a preset that is not really suitable, then try to mould it using an arsenal of tools and effects… Experimenting can often bring totally new flavours to a once simple sound, which never fails to surprise my ears.

  80. I love finely crafted presets that I can tweak to my liking rather than start from scratch. I’m not big into sound design, I’m more of a plug’n’play kinda guy.

  81. Usually the presets sound cheesy and not fitting really into other takes so I tweak sounds with a lower octave I have freedom layering with different tops which can be more detuned. Also splitting different timbres on the piano scale which is fortunately not only possible with samplers.

  82. I like to find a preset, strip it of FX, tweak it and then later add my own effects. That’s the ideal way to get where I want to go

  83. I would prefer to program my own sounds but I really don’t know how to create sounds useful to my genre(s). So ultimately, I scroll through TONS of presets.

  84. I usually go through the presets when demoing a synth and then, if the synth stays in my toolkit, I try and ignore the presets and make my own until I have a good grasp of the instrument.

  85. I definitely use a combination of both presets and making my own sounds from scratch. There’s often a steep learning curve when figuring out what every parameter of a synth does and how they work together, so taking a preset and deconstructing it down to the simplest part, and then reversing all of that is a nice way for me to understand how the preset is built and how the synth works. And then I can tweak the preset or use similar elements when making a sound from scratch to make new sounds without feeling like I’m just flailing and turning knobs at random.

  86. I prefer watching a tutorial about all the features and that helps not getting stuck mid-way in a project. Either that or reading the manual is always an option

  87. From scratch for me, it’s just more satisfying. That being said, I do make the patches often a fair bit before I use them, and I tweak them for every song I make just a little, aside from sound designing the output a bunch as well.

  88. Krzysztof Szychowski



    It is dependent on what is being done. Some situations demand a new sound other situations can be a derivative of a preset. So, both is the answer.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win the plug-in.

  89. I like creating my own patches, but that’s more random exploration rather than designing a particular sound. When producing, I tend to use tweaked presets.

  90. I usually prefer presets so that I can get a feel of what else I can do with my track. Once I get a handle on the synth then I will create my own.


  91. Browsing presets is a great way to have a starting point for tweaking and sculpting the sound, of for finding inspiration, and discovering the instrument capabilities, even if you have a very specific sound in mind.

  92. Presets can be good for inspiration, but I never leave them unedited. I love sound design, about as much or even more than I love making music.

  93. I like to look at presets to see how sounds I like are programmed. After I understand how to get specific sounds, I prefer to make the presets myself.

  94. I personally find that it really depends on my creative process and what I aim to achieve. I see the merits in both approaches. Using presets is fantastic when I want to save time and have immediate access to a wide range of sounds. However, when I’m looking for complete creative control and the ability to craft one-of-a-kind, personalized sounds that can truly make a composition stand out, I enjoy programming synth patches from scratch. To me, the ideal approach often involves a combination of both techniques using presets as a starting point and then fine-tuning or layering them with custom elements to create a genuinely unique sonic palette.

  95. I prefer to made my own presets from scratch and I use them if I can.
    Of coruse I also like to use original presets or modify them – it all depends on what I am looking for.
    Making sounds is for me nice hobby – like making music.

  96. I’m relatively new to making electronic music, so I always start with a preset that matches the vibe of whatever song I’m working on. From there, I’ll modify it (usually with a bitcrusher or LFO, my favorite effects).

  97. I usually start with presets and then tweak them also. I actually find it quite hard to create whole sound in any synth from the scratch

  98. I start from scratch to check, using a few of my favorite settings, how the synthesizer sounds compared to others that I already know.

  99. I overwhelmingly prefer creating patches. Some days I’ll sit with one of my synths or plugins and just design sounds, with no goal other than the pleasure of creating something new. And those experiments often inspire new tracks, which demand more new patches. It’s a beautiful creative feedback loop.

  100. Combination of both. I understand synthesis and enjoy programming my own patches, but sometimes I just need something quickly. If I am familiar with the preset library, that can be the fastest way to get a patch I want; but if not, then it may be faster to just program a patch from scratch, depending on the synth. For FM stuff, I tend to use presets.

  101. Man, tough to say as it really depends on my mood and the synth and what I’m trying to achieve. I always feel slightly weird about using presets in a song (zero judgment of others doing this though!). Dawesome is becoming a top 10 dev in the past couple years. Epic style and ear for what sounds great!

  102. I prefer to program my synth patches from scratch, but whenever I have time, I try all the presets and save those which inspired me as favorites, either to use as is, or to dissect how they were done, or as a basis for a new patch.

  103. i prefer to use presets, but i always tweak them (and they end up sounding totally different and not like what I expected, but that’s the fun part of producing :)

  104. there are companies and designers who know this well and I will never create better sounds than them, which is why I prefer to use ready-made presets,

  105. I do a combination of both. I make presets from scratch, and use factory presets (mostly tweaking the parameters)

    Thanks for the chance!

  106. For the most time I listen to the overall sound of a synth and it’s presets to get an idea of what to create out of it and then I either pick a preset and experiment with it or I take the idea of my journey through the bank and start from scratch and try to get to the vibe I captured and try to create it.

    Good luck all!

  107. I think it’s best to start from a preset that suits your production and then modify it to your liking to give it the final touch.

  108. For architecturally complex/unusual plugins my standard MO would be to pick a preset that’s close to what I want and tweak to taste. Or, if there’s a randomise button, I’ll hit it until I get something I like, and tweak. Subtractive analogue-style patches are way more likely to be built from scratch.

  109. – Do you prefer using presets or programming your synth patches from scratch?

    – I prefer tweaking the presets. We can learn much by analyzing the included ones.
    I think it helps to understand the workings of the more complicated plugins.

    It would be awesome to animate the changes (sliders, knobs) – some interfaces can do that, but that can be very process-heavy and can increase latency.

  110. I prefer presets for a starting point, if I really know the synth, I will make adjustments, or occasionally start from scratch.

  111. Either starting from scratch or with my own patches I created earlier. It’s always good to know the intricacies of a patch, and there’s so much new and exciting stuff to explore about a synth when you set it all yourself

  112. Do you prefer using presets or programming your synth patches from scratch?

    Sometimes I prefer tweaking a preset and at other times I want to create my patches from scratch.

  113. Maurus Fernandes


    Making your sounds from scratch can be fun and unique but I prefer presets. As presets let’s me get vibe of the melody more quickly as I can change through fast.

  114. When I was much newer to music production, I would exclusively use presets, but now using some knowledge that I have gained from learning synthesis, I like to experiment with synths to get the sound that I want. However, if I am a bit bored, I might use a preset.

  115. After getting myself familiar to the options, I prefer to have a quick look at the entire preset library but then start from a preset to sculpt a sound I need.

  116. I usually start with presets that get me in the ballpark of what I need, or presets I have made beforehand :)

    Thanks for the chance!

  117. It always depends on the synth itself. Presets are the start of exploration and sometimes they are good enough to throw in a mix with amazing results. Phase plant got me introduced and hooked on exploring sounds by building and tweaking. I haven’t found another synth that makes me want to explore tweaking yet I’ve used Phase Plant presets that worked well for my ears. I’m open to new synths though haven’t found any I’m more interested in yet.

  118. I like to design sounds from scratch, it’s really exciting when you’re looking to make a specific sound and then find yourself lost in a galaxy of other sounds while experimenting… then you end with a full bank of synth patches while you were « only » trying to create one sound!

    • Panagiotopoulos


      I make my own presets, I get inspired by the motion of the ancient gears of the universe that is determined by the rules of consonance and dissonance. What I listen at the demos reminds me of these motion. I want to tweak further.

  119. I’d love to design my own presets, but I’m afraid it would take me too much time.
    That’s why I stick to existing presets.

  120. Depending on ideas I have I’m working with either or both to be honest. Love to get creative motivation from presets though.

  121. Vinícius Lessa


    Hi, so the presets help me out in what for me is the most vital part of Producing: the composition. I mean, I get an Idea, I start immediately writing some melodies and harmonies with the use of a vast list of presets that I’ve got, I love it, it helps me a lot.

  122. I often start with preset and end up tweaking it into something completely different, but sometimes a good preset can write a song itself.

  123. Whenever I really want to get an idea rolling, I go for presets. When I already know exactly what sounds I want, but am still crafting the main idea for a song, I take more time tweaking presets, and or making new ones from scratch.

  124. I like to use presets when sketching out a track, then tweak / remake them / kill my cpu with a giant fx chain to start building the colour and character. :D

  125. A good preset can lead you down a surprising creative path so good presets as a starting point are important for sure. I always start with a preset that inspires me and tweak it to taste.

  126. When new to a synth or just looking for a variation: Start with a patch.
    When familiar: From scratch. Otherwise it feels hard to completely leave the original.

  127. I find whenever I try using presets I spend so much time sorting through ones that aren’t quite what I’m after. Especially when I’m not tying myself to a particular vst so I have potentially thousands I *could* use. In the end I get much more done making my own cool sounds and then working out what I’m going to do with them.

  128. I started out making patches from scratch, and sometime still do when trying a new synth. However when actually in the zone, making a song, I always reach for presets to tweak.

  129. I usually start from an init patch and create a sound, but sometimes I do the opposite, start from a preset and tweak it to my liking

  130. I prefer making my own sounds, but I often get inspired by going through presets and tweaking presets is often really effective. Deconstructing presets has also been a great way to learn sound design.

  131. Both. Presets assist in time-based constrictions in projects. Presets also especially assist in deeper understanding of the synth going in different directions in sound design than one may have.

  132. I like starting with presets to get a feel for the instrument, but then tweak or start from scratch to get the sound I’m looking for.

  133. I like to tweak presets because they have usually been made with an understanding of the synth’s architecture, especially if it’s a complex one.

  134. For sounds that I have used a lot, mostly hoover and reese basses or pads, I tend to program them myself. But for the majority of leads and plucks, I prefer to edit the presets. I have found that most of the synths I’ve been using have great starting points within their presets, from simple to complex, and many work great just as they are, droping them directly onto my tracks. I’d say a 50/50 overall.

  135. I started off loving presets then learnt about creating my own and get a lot of satisfaction in creating my own. There’s still space for presets as there are so many talented sound designers out there creating some amazing presets.

  136. I might use a preset to sketch in a sound—to figure out the general kind of sound I’m aiming for, but I almost always end up rebuilding the sound from scratch.

  137. Aethyr Heartsong


    Honestly I go with presets more often than not, but sometimes I’ll tweak it and almost always I’ll use various FX to customise the sound to being more to what I want. It’s very rare that I’ll just use a preset ‘straight’ as it were, but also I’m still figuring out how to make patches from scratch.

  138. With so many great producers good enought to provide fantastic presets, why re-invent the sound? Just use the presets as a base and develop the sound you need. The only difference to this scenario are synths like Omnisphere that can accept your unique sound input to develop …… still a bit like presets I suppose:)

  139. I enjoy designing from scratch, however it is also good fun (and an excellent way to learn) to try to recreate an amazing preset from one synth in a different synth.

  140. Luka Dujmic {theperfectnumb}


    Presets are fun to get inspired, especially if I’m feeling stuck and need something to get me excited and get the creative juices flowing or to use in ways to try and decipher/deconstruct just how the producer/musician was able to make the particular preset and usually during that somewhere along the way I hear something I like that’s nothing like the preset and off I go into sound design and creating my own sound that feels one of a kind and inspiring to me. I’m already an owner of Kult and basically any and everything that Tracktion/Dawsome have put out but REALLY wanna get my hands on those presets by Spektralisk who I’m also inspired and motivated by as well. Thank you for your consideration and for doing awesome giveaways like this!

  141. I like to mix and match, sometimes craft a sound from scratch or tweak it a little or further affect it with other plugins or bounce it in place and then reverse it or something interesting! Kind of depends what you’re going for and how much time you have. Presets can be good especially if you know what you’re looking for. I don’t like to scroll endlessly, so quality all rounder sounds make a big difference.

  142. If I have time I like to start from scratch! But when there’s a deadline or other time constraint I’ll pull up a preset and tweak as necessary.

  143. I’ll usually throw a preset on, then build off of it/tweak it to my liking.
    Someday I wanna start from scratch, but it’s a little too time consuming to make the sound I’m after… maybe I’ll become more competent starting from scratch someday ;)

  144. Ah. This is a tough question. It depends on the project.
    Sometimes a preset just nails the sound I am seeking. I will do very little to it at that point. Sometimes adjusting the cutoff filter and light modulation effects. Other times, a preset is not sitting how I want it and it requires customizing, often those would be ARPs. Rarely is the ARP hitting the exact notes needed.
    Thanks for doing this giveaway; looks and sounds amazing.

  145. I love both.
    Preset tweaking is a great way of learning how a synth behaves, but when a patch built from init is a perfect fit, it’s a beautiful day.

  146. If I have a very specific sound in mind I’ll try and make it from scratch, otherwise I’ll start with a preset and make adjustments.

  147. Presets to start so I can get my idea down fast. Then the tweaking of the preset to the “let’s make this difficult!” I typically revert to tweaking of original…

  148. Well, I usually start by listening all the presets and then I try to pick the ones I loved and see how they’ve been built, sometimes I’ll just tweak them a bit and see whether I can achieve to “create” a derivative sound out of it that I like.

  149. I prefer programming sounds from scratch. I like to start with something as universal as a sine wave and then see how things evolve from there. That said, you can learn a lot about how a synth works by studying presets.

  150. I love creating from scratch. I think you’re much more confident in your sound/music when you understand and know your mastery of different synthesis/techniques. This leads to a bigger ease in finding your signature sound as an artist.

  151. I like creating sounds myself using basic forms like a sine wave and then seeing what happens. However, it is helpful to study presets to understand how a synthesiser works.

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