XiiixxiQ Is A FREE Non-Linear Polyrhythmic Step Sequencer Plugin (macOS)


XiiixxiQ is a FREE non-linear polyrhythmic step sequencer plugin for macOS.

After much fiddling with VCV Rack and my own hardware, I have something of an affinity for sequencers as a whole. Now, there is undoubtedly still a place for Serge and Buchla-style sequencers, which very much reward knob-twiddling.

Sometimes, you need something a little weirder, especially if you are approaching generative music.

XiiixxiQ is a mouthful to say and, honestly, kind of a pain to type correctly. However, this is one of the most exciting sequencers I’ve seen available for Macs for free.

Now, I’ll go ahead and apologize to our Windows readers for the lack of support – however, I do encourage them to check out Stochas for a wonderful freeware step sequencer. XiixxiQ reminds me heavily of Strokes by Cong Burn, which also leans on Euclidean sequencing while providing support for polyrhythms and polymeters.

Where XiiixxiQ departs is in the sheer amount of customization for sequences. It isn’t going to drive multiple instruments at the same time, necessarily.

However, driving a single voice does such a fantastic job that I don’t think multi-out is needed.

You can allow for generative randomized subsets, Euclidean rhythms, and morphing sequences as a whole. This makes for a wonderfully powerful sequencer that would do well if partnered with some West Coast oddness with your synth voices.

I had a great time patching this together with AUv3 apps in Logic Pro X. Instruments like Beepstreet’s Zeeon really shine when attached to it.

XiiixxiQ also works quite well when compared with drum synths, provided those are single-voice instruments.

You can coax some wonderfully bizarre and interesting percussive patterns out of the sequencer.

This likely won’t replace my current VCV Rack and hybrid workflow entirely, but I see some definite possibilities in how it works. The possibility of morphing sequences is so compelling and is something I generally have to set up complicated routing for in VCV Rack.

Would I recommend XiiixxiQ? Absolutely, provided you’re on a Mac computer. If you’re on Windows, you’re sadly going to have to look for alternatives.

Supported plugin formats are AU and VST3, with the preferred host being Logic Pro X. It is Silicon native as well.

Download: XiiixxiQ (FREE)


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