Vox Samples Releases FREE Fat Cat Vocal Saturation Plugin For Windows


Earlier today, Vox Samples released the free Fat Cat Vocal Saturation Plugin for Windows users. 

Fat Cat is compatible with 64-bit Windows setups and is available in VST3 plugin format only. 

Saturation on vocals is a shortcut to phat toans, so you love to see a freebie like this!

Vox Samples states that the plugin can add colour and warmth to your vocals, or you can crank it to get a distortion effect.  All these sounds are on display on the wet/dry samples on the product page, which is linked below.

The plugin sounds equally great when used as a subtle thickener or when you push the drive to get an increasingly bold effect. We really are in a golden age of audio production, as it’s ridiculous how many great plugins are launched as freebies nowadays. 

As with many free plugins, the interface is very simple, with the following controls: Drive, Mix and Vol. 

If you’re not doing anything fancy and just want a quick solution to thicken up your vox, that’ll have you covered. 

There’s also an adorable tubby feline on the interface, and we all know an aesthetic interface makes the audio sound better, right?

Vox Samples states that the Fat Cat Vocal Saturation Plugin is “modelled and fine-tuned from modern analog tube preamp… [and]adds harmonic distortion that is musical and pleasing to the ears.” 

The developer does note that the Drive gets “really thick really quickly” so a light touch may be in order. 

The Mix knob is a handy tool here, providing parallel saturation, which can retain a natural sound even when using a more aggressive Drive setting. 

Vox Samples explains that the range of the Fat Cat begins with “gentle preamp saturation”, and that when the Drive is increased “you will start getting a warm saturation/distortion that is perfect for bringing the vocals to the front of the mix.”

Finally, with the Drive knob pushed hard, the Fat Cat will begin soft clipping, providing a “warm and crunchy distortion.”

Fat Cat is the third free release from Vox Samples, although it’s their first general-use freeware plugin.

The developer’s other two free releases are pretty niche by contrast, as they are the Harajuku Kawaii EDM Vocal Sample Pack and Shibuya Swag Japanese Rap Vocal Sample Pack, which will undoubtedly bring all the weebs to the yard. 

Download: Fat Cat (FREE)


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