Get IK Multimedia’s MixBox SE FREE For A Limited Time


Audio Plugin Deals offers the MixBox SE multi-effect plugin by IK Multimedia for free.

As we march steadily into February, there is still space for a few more freebies before the month ends.

Love or hate them, IK Multimedia has partnered with Audio Plugin Deals to give away MixBox SE. This acts as a wonderful taster for the full-blown MixBox, and I imagine gives an upgrade path of sorts to the full version.

MixBox SE comes with 24 modules in total, which can be freely arranged in the plugin’s interface’s emulated 500 rack.

You’ve got everything from guitar and bass amps to more standard mixing effects. MixBox SE comes with Saturator X, one of my favorite plugin saturators.

In addition, you’ve got access to the White 2A opto compressor for handling the likes of dynamics. Mixbox SE also comes with a fairly bog standard Limiter, which does the job just fine for certain buses and groups.

MixBox SE is a wonderful tool for guitars and bass alike. Beyond just the emulated amps, you’ve got a smattering of effects like flangers, delays, and phasers that just put in a good amount of work.

Now, as a channel strip, Mixbox SE is fine. I would love more dynamics processors, which you get in the full version.

For free, I think the White 2A and British Dynamics channels do solid work for most purposes.

I might not slap it on groups, but it should be just fine for individual instruments and tracks. The real stars of the show for me are Saturator X and Lo-Fi modules.

Saturator X still sees frequent use in my mixes, at least when I don’t need something more subtle. Lo-Fi is a fun effect, and almost worth the download by itself.

At any rate, if you don’t mind the upgrade paths and pricing you’ll get from IK Multimedia, MixBox SE is a great thing to pick up.

It has a little bit of everything, which can be fun when approaching a mix from a creative perspective. Unlike some of the recently upgraded T-Racks modules, it is also the only IK Multimedia mixing plugin that is Apple Silicon native, which seems odd.

Download: MixBox SE (FREE for a limited time)


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Liam is a producer, mixing engineer, and compressor aficionado. When not mixing, he can be found pretending to play guitar, as he has been doing for the last 20 years.


  1. Nice. Thx. Well, I did slap it on a drum group and Saturator X and Limiter work great. I must admit that I haven’t installed the free version when it came out because it didn’t look interesting or maybe useful enough but this version has some really useful modules. I also quickly tried the SSL style channel comp on individual drum channels and LA 2A on a vocal track and they are really nice. Anyways, the quality of IK Multimedia plugins is unquestionable and having all the various FX in a single plugin may be all it takes to get the job done sometimes.

  2. IKMulti media has to be one of the worst site to try and down load anything free I hate it for that although the plugins are great. I am still trying to down load something. It has been months. I cannot say I am happy. I think I will pass on anything else free they offer. Us hobbyists really do not need this aggravation.

  3. IKMulti media has to be one of the worst site to try and down load anything free I hate it for that although the plugins are great. I am still trying to down load something. It has been months. I cannot say I am happy. I think I will pass on anything else free they offer. Us hobbyists really do not need this aggravation. And they still suck.

    • You only need to download the product manager to authorize and install their plugins:

    • All the instructions are there on the website on how to purchase for free ($0). Then receive the serial via email. Download the IKMultimedia Product Manager and install it. Run and enter the serial number.

  4. Ron,

    BPB isn’t really able to do any more than what they did, they write articles telling you about audio company’s plugin deals. For this deal specifically, you have to go along with what “Audio Plugin Deals” wants you to do, they’re the ones providing the deal. IK Multi makes it a relative PITA process to install but it is possible to do.

    I appreciate it Liam for letting us know about this freebie, I’m definitely gonna go and download it.

  5. Just a heads up – I just noticed that IK Multimedia removed Time Limit on Sounds Downloads. You shouldn’t see any more expired downloads in your IK Product Manager.

  6. Mixbox is CPU friendly (in FL Studio, Windows), partly because only dynamics modules are oversampled (according to IK Support). Not sure if that includes distortions but I would think so. Missing features include channel selection (M/S, L/R) and autogain. The interface is multipage which could be improved by moving most controls to the main page.

  7. hey william,
    i havent checked the information available by ik multimedia regarding compatibility.
    but i am using a couple of t-racks aax plugins on m1 mac and they all work fine. if they were not compatible they should not show up in pro tools, i had that problem with some plugins for some time when i changed to m1.
    if mixbox says it is m1 native, i suppose all of the t-racks plugins are as well.

  8. IK Multimedia freebie installations are typically a hassle, but this time I was positively surprised. I had Mixbox CS already installed, so when I entered the code I got from AudioPluginDeals, IK’s Product manager just upgraded the license without any downloads or other extra steps. Nice.

    • Must mean that the whole product is installed, but access to what is installed is limited based on the license one has got ?

      • Well, it’s a single VST3 file and you actually can’t access the modules you don’t own at all, not even in demo mode (which is a great thing because, for once, we don’t have to install the whole product in order to use a part of it). Anyways, even if all modules were installed I don’t think they would automatically get unlocked after the license have been upgraded. That would at least require reauthorization.

  9. Thanks W, BPB, APD & IK for a great offer, i just got this a few minutes ago, its just past 5am in UK here (time has passed 12am in Carolina), so unsure when this offer ends.
    Maybe if the link does not work for you, try another browser

  10. I have the full version but I see in this freebie so many effects I use all the time it’s unbelievable they give this for free. A must have.

  11. Thanks to BPB for this information. I already have MixBox CS, the free version. Can an yone tell me if MixBox SE is an improvement over CS?

  12. Ghosthack Coriolis Effect Volume 2, a royalty free cinematic sample pack (originally priced at €40) is free for a limited time:

  13. Any advice on solving this issue with the Product Manager?

    “The download path
    C:\Users\***********\IK Multimedia
    you’ve selected does not exist, you do not have permissions to write to this location, or there is insufficient space in the current download path. Please close this window to select a new path or clear up some space. (code: 108) ”

    Running Windows 10 in admin, so permissions shouldn’t be an issue, there is plenty of disc space..


    • Hey Joe, is it the product manager which won’t install ? I would contact IK support, but if you have the product manager installed, then this link might help, there are others with the same issue and a link to IK support on this page (for a different product, but worth a try)

      possible solution from the link…

      Sounds like the setting for the download location in IK Product Manager is not able to be found/written to/etc. You can find this setting in IK Product Manager by clicking the gear icon in the top bar and setting the “Downloads Folder” to where you’d like the downloaded installers to be placed.

  14. Michael in South Korea


    Thanks for that info amigo!!! I had same problem as PUREFIRE…… your suggestion was bang on, and I was able to install it. Thanks a lot…. your info was a big help!!

    Now, if only I can figure out how to install the preset packages LOL LOL LOL

  15. Hey Michael, your welcome

    This link to the youtube page of:
    Hollywood Jackson
    may help you with downloading and installing the presets

    Installing IK Multimedia Custom Producer Presets

    • Michael in South Korea


      Dude, you’re just a storehouse of useful info!!! Totally appreciate your very kind help. I’ll check out that YouTube link. Thanks again

  16. Here is the solution if you find it difficult to install.

    Long story: I struggled for 3 days before I got it straight. Besides the fact that IK never sent me a confirmation email with the serial number (only the audio plugin deals website did), I somehow managed to download the wrong product manager. There is the old ”Authorization manager” which is a legacy software for legacy plugins. (This is the one that is a P.I.T.A.) On the other hand, there is the ”Product manager” which is super new, and after registering the plugin it downloads with a single click. It seems like the best downloader app I have seen so far (if you know what I mean, they are often troublesome).

    I am so glad I made it because Mixbox is a superb set of quality and fun plugins. Super-duper intuitive. Multiple wet/dry sliders, presets for every wish and mood, for many instruments. I only tried the guitar ones. Compared to Revalver which I have for the free stuff, this is much better, and much less of a hassle (no iLok connected all the time), and we got it for free (until the end of the month). I am now sold on the other free IK stuff, too. (I do notice I went full-on fanboy. Relax I am not getting paid)

    Definitely worth downloading. Thanks for reading.

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