EarQuiz Frequencies Is A Free Ear Training Program


EarQuiz Frequencies is an open-source software for ear training on equalization, and it is available for free.

This is admittedly one you don’t see very many free options for. Ear training is one of those crucial skills for musicians who want to be more in touch with their craft.

Something must be said about being able to recognize frequencies, especially if you’re looking to do any sort of tone shaping with an EQ. Sure, you could just stick with a visual EQ, but EarQuiz Frequencies wants you to learn with your ears and eyes.

To this end, you’ve got a few different options. There is a 10-band EQ, which is plenty of space to learn for a mixing context. You’ve also got the option of a 30-band EQ, which is diving into the nitty gritty of things.

EarQuiz Frequencies is based on the concepts inspired by David Moulton’s Golden Ears and is a fairly informative take on things.

Now, this isn’t a plugin necessary, but it does intersect with some of the plugins we cover at a place like BPB. Equalization is a crucial part of any mix, and if you find yourself grasping for straws on how to use one, then this might just be the thing.

The program is structured very much like instructional material, with lessons matching an ever-increasing difficulty. You, of course, can submit yourself to tests to prove your mettle and test the ear you’re honing.

All said, EarQuiz Frequencies is a great tool, especially for people wanting to learn more about the craft of mixing.

It comes with the support of playlists, as well as sample formats like AIFF, FLAC, MP3, and more. Exercises go over where to boost and cut frequencies on a given material.

The entire process is non-destructive as well, which can be helpful if you’re looking to shape your own audio loops or material. You can export test audio file packages if you’re using them in an educational context, too.

EarQuiz Frequencies is available for Windows and Macs. The program itself is entirely free and open-source to boot. If you were looking for something to keep you occupied over the weekend, this might be a perfect fit.

Download: EarQuiz Frequencies (FREE)


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  1. There are 4 detections in VirusTotal. Since it’s open source, there’s a good chance its safe and it’s just false positives but watch out.

  2. Gdaliy Garmiza


    Hey William!

    Thank you very much for your review!..

    As for the VirusTotal detections: this is a known issue, and they are false positive.
    The binary for Windows was built directly from the public GitHub Repository remotely using AppVeyor CI environment.
    You can see the complete build log here: https://ci.appveyor.com/project/Gdalik/earquiz-frequencies-win.
    If you still don’t trust the binaries, you can always build it yourself from the source: https://github.com/Gdalik/EarQuiz_Frequencies

    See the instructions in the README file.

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