Tyrell N6 v2 Released!

Tyrell N6 v2.

Tyrell N6 v2.

AMAZONA.de and Urs Heckmann have released Tyrell N6 v2, an updated version of one of the best freeware virtual synthesizers out there!

The new version introduces an analog chorus effect (modeled after the Roland JUNO-60 chorus) and a new GUI.

Confident in the NEXUS SIX TYRELL is 2.0 in a completely new layout that was designed by the bassist Marcus Steinlechner. Black faces, framed in brushed metal, bright blue lettering and a swimming pool-colored display type is indeed cool, but the sound is exactly the opposite.

A new addition is the analog chorus that has the broad, warm chorus of a Roland Juno-60 modeled. Above all, these are the subtle sonic enhancements that make it sound TYRELL N6 2.0 or analog, and thus more realistic.

Tyrell N6 v2 is available for free download via AMAZONA.de (translated version here).

UPDATE 1: nBeat’s alternative 80s skin for Tyrell N6 has been updated to v2 and is now available for download – GRAB IT HERE.

UPDATE 2:Branis has now also updated his awesome 1978 skin for Tyrell N6 – GRAB IT HERE.


Download Tyrell N6 v2: click here
Tyrell N6 v2 80s Skin: click here

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  1. oh sorry for another comment man. I tested it and using the nBeat skin. and I think it works but without the chorus. I guess I will just still be using TAL’s chorus

  2. =)) apparently I’m not the only one who feels the same way about skin :D can’t wait for the updated skin. anyways I’m not sure but is seems that I don’t get as much aliasing with the synth as much as I used to.

  3. If you look longer than 1 hour straightly at Tyrell, then the 80s skin is obviously better for the eyes.

    But this new “industrial” GUI looks also good…but without the light effects it would look much better…

  4. Thanks for the news !
    Very impressive synth V1 and now V2.

    It is going to be the new Synth1, if not already ;)

    • bedroom producers blog on

      i think a huge part of Synth1’s popularity is due to the very low CPU hit. Tyrell N6 is a completely different kind of plugin from that point of view. :]

      still, i definitely regard both as must-have free virtual synths.

  5. Алёшка on

    Офигенно! спасибо огромное! чудесный синтезатор. атмосферные и FX пресеты звучат гораздо более выразительно.

    Awesome synth! big thanks to Urs and his team!ambient and FX presets sound much more expressive!

  6. Алёшка on

    …гораздо более выразительно чем в 1-й версии.

    … much more expressive than in previous version.

  7. In my mind, a whole GUI is planed wrong (a rim is to wide, naturality is shame, and to much details, logos could be little smaller) but…. a quality of sound is high

    • bedroom producers blog on

      i didn’t like that new GUI either, but nBeat has now updated his 80s skin which used to be my favorite for Tyrell N6 v1. so, problem solved!

  8. hi. please help! i just downloaded tyrelln6 v2 and i can’t find a button for presets. also, in the bottom left there is an otherwise white space that reads initialize. what does this mean?

    • Bedroom Producers Blog on

      on top of the GUI, there are two buttons labeled load and save. pressing the load button will take you to the presets.

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