G-Sonique Releases FREE BFX24 Analog Filter Plugin For Windows


G-Sonique released a new version of the Bi-Polar Analog Multifilter BFX24 Plugin, and the Windows-exclusive release is available for free download. However, it is only available for download via the Telegram app. 

In an unusual move, the freebie is only available via accessing the G-Sonique Telegram channel, which requires downloading the Telegram app. 

G-Sonique promises freebies monthly via Telegram, so it may pay off further down the line if you’re in it for the long haul. 

The developer released the updated version of the BFX24 on the company’s 17th anniversary.

The main update for the new BFX24 is the inclusion of VST3 for the plugin, in addition to the existing VST format. 

The Bi-Polar Analog Multifilter BFX24 is an analog-style effect/processor plugin that emulates four analog filters: Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass, and Band Reject.

G-Sonique says the BFX24 “is excellent for effecting drums, percussion, guitars, synthesizers, live instruments – its use is practically unlimited.”

The developer then boasts a positively exhaustive list of possible genre applications, ranging from pop, rock, EDM, and beyond. 

G-Sonique notes that the bread and butter of the BFX24 can be found in electronic music genres, citing techno, house, psytrance, and downtempo, among others. 

Beyond the filter selector, the main parameters are the Cutoff and Resonance knobs. At the same time, the control scheme is rounded out by a Bi-polar envelope follower, Attack, Release, Input, Output, and Bypass. 

Depending on the Attack and Release settings, the Bi-Polar envelope follower modulates the Cutoff value according to the input signal.

G-Sonique explains that the advantage of this setup is that “unlike conventional envelope followers, it can modulate in both directions!”

The developer reflected on the release, saying, “It seems unbelievable to us, but 17 years have passed since we released our first product. 

“This time passed incredibly quickly. Although this job is very demanding in an oversaturated market full of piracy, and sometimes we have to work 12 hours a day, we still love it.”

G-Sonique, which is a three-person team, said that the update is a thank you to the community for their support over the years. 

The developer doesn’t specifically address the operating system compatibility in the announcement, but as previous BFX24 releases have been Windows only, it seems like that’s also the case for the new release. 

Download: BFX24 (FREE – Telegram app required)


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  1. This push to use Telegram seems a bit odd, especially coming from G-Sonique. As a company, they might do better starting a Discord channel to allow for customer input in a more known environment.
    Besides that, I already use Signal which, like Telegram, has end-to–end encryption, but unlike Telegram, Signal allows for encrypted group chats, doesn’t allow people to use bots in private or group chats, doesn’t collect your contacts or IP address, or log you onto any servers. Pretty easy choice there.

    • MultipliedCow


      I really don’t hear much about Telegram. On a quick “is it safe” search, it sounds questionable. Now I just have to convince myself that I don’t need another filter.

      • It isn’t questionable, it’s a fully legit messaging service, but if you’re going for a full-on encrypted messaging app (end-to-end alone is *usually enough for most people,) with all of the QoL perks that are available, Signal just comes out ahead. Any negative press that you read about any of those free, encrypted messaging apps are most likely paid for by Meta (Facebook,) or other similar services that profit off mining your personal data. I was done with FB and Meta/Messenger when my brother mentioned a small coffee shop that he’d found in Cairo that had an open mic night, and the next day having Facebook, Google, and Bing all pop up recommended searches for coffee shops in Egypt (I’m in the US.)
        The gist of my post was that it’s an odd choice for a place for audioheads to come and converse. As I mentioned, I think Discord is a more appropriate place for that.

  2. Coopmusic247


    If I might grab their 808 plugin from Swede for free sometime or even a discount, I’m gonna go for it. That thing is probably my favorite.

  3. Telegram? Isn’t it the messenger for conspiracy theorists and tinfoil hatters? Just for another SynthMaker plugin? I’m out…

  4. consigue gratis AXXES Sintetizador de GForce Software con este codigo en plugin boutique.

    • wkpixearts


      Excuse me but this code is not a code for loopcloud users?
      I don’t think it’s nice to share code like that.
      This is not an offer for everyone.

  5. FWIW telegram is a lot more popular in Eastern EU/RU which the company seems to be based in the former

  6. wkpixearts


    Honestly, what is this method of using Telegram?
    Personally I’ll pass on this.
    I don’t want a telegram.

  7. Walton Goggins' Severed Nose


    I am also not interested in downloading nor signing up for Telegram, but if someone would care to share the .vst or .dll…? That would be fantastic.

  8. There is no link there only promises that if their channel get 1000 subscribers they will add download link

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