15 Days Left To Get The Hollow Sun Polivoks Library For $1!


I’ve posted about this offer a while ago, but here’s another little heads-up and a mini review, since I’ve acquired the Hollow Sun Polivoks library in the meanwhile.

So, I’ve heard some stories about the Polivoks before and after watching several Youtube clips and hearing various audio demos, I really became interested in this old Soviet synth. What really caught my attention while listening to the Polivoks demos was its angry sounding analog filter.

Meh, angry doesn’t describe it well enough though… that thing is vicious, it growls like crazy, and since I’m still feeling that my descriptions are lacking, you should really check out the demo video below to get a better idea.

And yeah, I’m also a bit of a vintage Soviet analog gear fanboy, which only helped getting me hooked to the idea of adding the Polivoks to my sound arsenal somehow.

Anyway, along came the $1 Polivoks deal from Hollow Sun and boy was I happy once I finally got these samples. The Polivoks programing part was done exceptionally well, the sounds are inspiring and capture exactly that wild character I was looking for. The samples are not over-processed and deliver the raw nature of Polivoks perfectly and the included Kontakt patches are great fun to play with. But what’s most important for me is that individual WAV files are also available and ready for all sorts of further processing and editing. Hooray!

So yeah, I’m pretty sure there’s not much chance that I’ll ever own a real Polivoks, but this Hollow Sun library will work great as a substitute. If you too are a fan of old Soviet gear, rare analog synths, or just generally need new synth sounds for your sample library, then this $1 deal is more than worth checking out.


Purchase The Hollow Sun Polivoks Library: click here
Hollow Sun Website: click here

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