Tyrell N6 Beta Updated!

Tyrell N6 by Urs Heckmann.

Tyrell N6 by Urs Heckmann.

Urs Heckmann of u-he has released an updated beta version of the upcoming Tyrell N6 freeware VST synthesizer. The synth is now available for download again on Amazona.de forums.

This version is 6dB less loud, but most existing presets should still work. I don’t think the sound changed much as everybody was quite happy with it as it was.

However, the voice organisation and envelopes do mimic analogue behaviour quite accurately now. Thus there’s a different “feel” to playing it.

Users are invited send their own patches to [email protected] until April 2nd. A selection of the contributed patches will be included in the final release of Tyrell N6.

Tyrell N6 is available for download on this page. Registration on Amazona. de forums is required.

And here’s a list of free Tyrell N6 patches previosly contributed by KVR Forum members.

Audio Demo

Check out the Tyrell N6 demo track made by Frank123:

[soundcloud url=”http://soundcloud.com/spielkraft/the-light-that-burns-twice-as-bright-burns-half-as-long”]


Download Tyrell N6 Beta: click here
u-he Website: click here

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