AfroDJMac Releases Free Ableton Live Rack #14 – Noises Risers and Swooshes


AfroDJMac has released Noises Risers and Swooshes, the latest addition to his awesome series of free Ableton Live racks.

I hope all is well. This week I created a free Ableton Live Rack made up of all kinds of white noise sweeps, risers, swooshes, synths rising up and down many octaves, and samples of various video games. I wanted to create something people can use for transitions as well as creating and releasing tensions. These are many of the sounds I use in my live set and I find them extremely useful. There are effects included as well.

Many of these sounds are the exact ones I use in my live performances, and they can work wonders whether entering or leaving a chorus, switching to a new song, or just as something to get the audience to make some noise of their own.  I’ve added some effects that lend themselves nicely to all this swooshing around.  There’s Flanger, Phaser, Reverb, Delay, AutoPan, Bit Crusher and a Beat Repeat that allows you to further destroy the sound.

Noises Risers and Swooshes is available for free download via AfroDJMac’s website.

Video Demo

Check out the Noises Risers and Swooshes demo video:


Download Noises Risers and Swooshes: click here
AfroDJMac’s Website: click here

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