DigiKick – Free Kick Drum Synthesizer VSTi By Audiosonic (BETA Release)

DigiKick by Audiosonic.

DigiKick by Audiosonic.

Audiosonic has released a beta version of DigiKick – their upcoming freeware kick drum synthesizer in VSTi plugin format.

So… we’ve been having fun creating a kicksynth VST. We really hope that you will give it a try, and maybe leave some feedback or suggestions in this thread. We will be happy to include all the nice ideas that emerges, hoping to make the plugin as delicious as possible.

 It’s a very classic model: Pure sine wave having it’s pitch sweeped by an exponential envelope. The volume is controlled by a very hot envelope (it’s a linear envelope crammed through some math functions). The click runs through a BP filter and an attenuator, so it can change ‘color’ and be mixed with the sinesweep to taste.

 The plugin has 2 different triggering-‘modes’. You will have to try them both to see which mode fits your style best. We incorporated both these trigger modes because we think they might be nice for each their own job. The plugin is velocity sensitive, so make sure to hit velo values of 127 if you want the biggest boom. Also you control the pitch of the kick using the notes you play. This way you always know the note of your kick if you want to match it with your bassline. We only tested the plugin with FL studio. If anyone is testing with another DAW then we would love to hear about your experiences.

DigiKick is available for free download via IsraTrance forums.


Download DigiKick BETA: click here
Audiosonic Website: click here

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