Noisebud Releases Burt – Freeware Bass Synthesizer VSTi

Burt by Noisebud.

Burt by Noisebud.

After the announcement in September 2011, Noisebud has now officially released Burt, a freeware gritty bass synthesizer in VSTi plugin format for Windows (made with SynthEdit).

Noisebud needed a bass synth that delivered more grit and dirt and didn’t need hours of twiddling before getting there. They based the sound engine on waveshaping through distortion, bit crush and resonance since their VST fx chains on bass channels almost always contain that sort of plug-ins. The result is an angry old fart named Burt.

He can get so angry that his audio buffers overflow and get silent – you have to restart your DAW to cool him down but don’t worry, Burt will start to scream again.

Burt is available for free download via Noisebud.


Download Burt: click here
Noisebud Online: click here

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