Tapebrake – Free Tape Stop VST Effect Released By WOK

Tapebrake by WOK.

Tapebrake by WOK.

WOK has released Tapebrake, a simple free tape stop (or turntable stop) effect in VST plugin format for Windows.

Simple and easy Tapestop (Turntable-Stop) effect plugin for Windows. As simple as it can be. Available at the usual place as Win VST 32-bit.

Tapebrake is available for free download via Facebook (2.8 MB download size, ZIP archive, 32-bit VST plugin format for Windows, made with SynthEdit).

The link is posted on Facebook, however it is not required to be a registered user in order to get the freebie. Simply visit the page linked above and hit the download link to get WOK’s latest freeware VST plugin release.

This is the last release in WOK’s cool series of one-trick pony plugins. His previous releases include Emonizer and Instaback, two handy effect plugins which are dead easy to use.

Tapebrake is a freeware VST plugin which emulates the tape stop effect often used in DJ mixes. While the effect may sound cheesy in some cases, it can work as an interesting detail if used sparingly on individual tracks such as vocals and drums. When pushing the STOP button, the playback will stop and the pitch will slowly decrease until the volume goes completely silent.

It is also possible to adjust the length of the tape stop effect. The length is automatically synced to the host program’s tempo.


Download Tapebrake: click here

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