PMX-306 Glockenspiel Ableton Live Instrument By PerforModule (Free Download)


PMX-306 Glockenspiel by PerforModule.PMX-306 Glockenspiel is a free Ableton Live instrument, part of the PMX-300 instrument series featuring the sounds of the Casio PX-300 Privia Digital Piano.

PMX-300 is an 18-part series of instruments for Ableton Live, created by PerforModule and available for purchase via Isotonik Studios. New instrument packs are added on a monthly basis. The glockenspiel instrument (featured on this page) which is hosted on Bedroom Producers Blog is a free taster of the PMX-306 Mallets instrument set.

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All PMX-300 instruments are recorded with each of the 88 keys passed through an analog tube preamp and then digitally processed to subtly polish and refine the sound and to ensure consistent dynamics and tone. The instruments are crafted into Sampler and Simpler racks for Ableton Live 9, with macros and parameter ranges carefully mapped per instrument to showcase / enhance capabilities of the true physical instruments they are based upon.

Some additional facts about PMX-306 Glockenspiel:

  • Includes morphable filtering, mallet padding, tail length, timbre shift and mallet bounce macro controls.
  • Includes “Butterfly Tremolo” effect rack which simulates a vibraphone’s rotating butterfly valves, with optional water.
  • Part of the set “PMX-306 Mallets” available for purchase at Isotonik Studios.
  • Available for free download exclusively at Bedroom Producers Blog!

If you’d like to purchase the entire PMX-300 instrument series for Ableton Live, you can grab it for £39.99 at Isotonik Studios. Individual parts of the series (priced at £4.99 each), as well as additional freebies, are available for purchase / download on the same page. You’ll find a nice selection of pianos, reeds, organs and mallets crafted for use in Live 9.

Audio Demo

Check out the PMX-306 Glockenspiel audio demo:


PMX-306 Glockenspiel (72 MB download size, ALP format for Ableton Live 9)

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