Free BOSS GT-8 Reverb & Delay Impulse Response Pack By Animus Invidious


BOSS GT-8 Reverb Impulse Responses

BPB is proud to host a collection of reverb and echo impulse responses provided by Animus Invidious. The impulses were captured from a BOSS GT-8 guitar processor and are offered as AIF files and Ableton Convolution Reverb presets.

As described by Animus, all the BOSS GT-8 reverbs transferred well, except for the “spring” setting, which lost its reactiveness and doesn’t really sound like a spring reverb anymore. The “plate” setting sounds particularly nice.

The delay effects were set to various shorter “slapback echo” settings so as to be useful on a wide range of materials and not just specific tempos. Other miscellaneous effects resulted in convolutions that sound quite different than the original effect and have been named & categorized according to the transformed sound.

The pack contains the following impulse responses:

  • Hall 1
  • Hall 2
  • ModVerb
  • Plate
  • LazerVerb
  • Ambience
  • Room
  • Spring
  • FlangeVerb
  • Chorus
  • Echo Analog
  • Echo Analog Whacked
  • Echo Dual Parallel
  • Echo Dual Series
  • Echo Ping
  • Echo Pong
  • Echo Single
  • Echo Warp
  • Flanger
  • Wet Tape
  • Woosh A
  • Woosh F
  • Woosh M
  • Woosh R
  • Woosh S
  • Woosh W

The download pack contains AIF files with individual impulse responses and a single ALP file with all the IR presets for Ableton Live users. The total size of the pack is 281 MB when extracted.

If you’re looking for a free reverb IR loader to use with these impulse responses, take a look at the Reverberate LE plugin by LiquidSonics. It is the most feature-packed and CPU-effective freeware convolution reverb available today.

Animus Invidious has released numerous Ableton devices on his website PerforModule. An interesting example of his work is Chopper, a free Ableton effect that chops incoming audio in sync with the host tempo.

Many thanks to Animus Invidious for publishing his free BOSS GT-8 impulse collection on BPB!

Video Demo

Just for fun, here’s an epic BOSS GT-8 demo video:


BOSS GT-8 Impulse Responses by PerforModule (233 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 51 impulse responses in AIF format, 1 ALP preset file for Ableton Live).

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