Free Ableton Live Drum Pack Released By AfroDJMac And ModeAudio (WAV)


Mode Audio Drums by AfroDJMac.

Our friends AfroDJMac and Mode Audio have teamed up to release Mode Audio Drums, a free collection of EDM drum samples and unusual percussion sounds for use in Ableton Live.

The download pack contains two Ableton Live drum racks which are based on a selection of one shot samples from two commercial sample packs by Mode Audio. One drum rack features a set of heavy EDM style drum samples which were hand-picked from the Power Tools sample library, while the other drum rack features a set of weird percussion sounds from the Undercover sound library.

To sweeten up his 111th freebie release, AfroDJMac has also put together a track of automated effects which are triggered via clips in Ableton Live’s session view. The track can be dragged into your library if you want to use the provided effects in any other project.

Please note that this freebie is worth a download even if you don’t use Ableton Live. The download pack contains 24-bit WAV versions of the drum samples which were used for the drum racks, which means that you can use these free drum one shots in virtually any sampler instrument. The included percussion samples are particularly nice, as the feature the sounds of various household items and other non-musical objects.

For more free sounds by Mode Audio, take a look at our reviews of their Dive and Beat Scenics sample libraries. Each article includes an exclusive freebie sample pack which was kindly provided for BPB readers by ModeAudio.

Video Demo

Check out the Mode Audio Drums demo video:


Mode Audio Drums is available for free download via AfroDJMac (4.25 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 32 audio samples in 24-bit WAV format, 2 Ableton Live drum racks in ADG format).

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