LVC-Audio Releases Limited-Z FREE Limiter VST/AU Plugin


LVC-Audio has introduced Limited-Z, a freeware (optional commercial version available) look-ahead brickwall limiter plugin in VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin formats for Windows and Mac OS.

Limited-Z is a freeware brickwall limiter based on a set of limiting algorithms that are used in LVC-Audio’s premium Limited-MAX limiter. The paid version of Limited-Z offers more features than the freebie version, but it is cheaper and less powerful compared to Limited-MAX. For a detailed overview of the differences between different versions of the plugin, visit the product page linked in the downloads section below.

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Even though it’s limited in comparison to the payware versions, Limited-Z is still a very useful limiter plugin. It is an easy to use look-ahead brickwall limiter optimized for use in mixing and mastering scenarios, providing transparent peak limiting without audible distortion (this also depends on the user’s actions, of course). The plugin offers six different dynamic reduction algorithms (LVC-Basic, traditional, deep, aggressive, smooth/clean, loud/punchy) and a clipping algorithm inherited from LVC-Audio’s superb ClipShifter clipper effect. Limited-Z also comes with a range of useful workflow features such as undo/redo history, A/B comparison, three different output metering modes, etc.

I still haven’t put it to an in-depth test in a mastering situation, but I definitely like what I’m hearing so far. The plugin is easier to set-up than Limiter №6 (which is my go-to mastering limiter at the moment), however it definitely lacks some of the important features such as oversampling and ISP limiting (these are available in Limiter №6, as well as in commercial versions of LVC-Audio’s limiter). It will be interesting to hear how Limited-Z performs in a real mastering test and I will probably make a demo video that will be added to this article later on. I’m sure that a lot of users will appreciate the great looking output display which shows the amount of dynamic reduction in real time (similar to FabFilter’s popular Pro-C compressor effect).


Limited-Z is available for free download via LVC-Audio (3.2 MB download size, ZIP archive containing an EXE installer & a manual in PDF format, 32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU/RTAS/AAX plugin format for Windows & Mac OS).

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