Flintpope Releases Free Dropsynth Ensemble For Reaktor 6


For owners of Native Instruments Reaktor 6, Flintpope has released DROPSYNTH, an interesting free (with optional donations) sampler/synthesizer ensemble.

DROPSYNTH allows you to drag and drop samples into it and turn them into a playable instrument. What’s more is the additional four-oscillator synthesizer that has filter controls, adjustable waveforms, and a built-in LFOs as well. It is unclear from the product’s description if the sampler and synth can be used simultaneously with a blend option. If so, this software would be reminiscent of Omnisphere, just with a much smaller built-in sample library (only 190 MB).

What excites me the most about this Reaktor ensemble is the ability to drag and drop, say, a snippet of a vocal and turn it into a lead instrument. This technique for making pitched “glitchy” vocals is quite popular in pop music nowadays. What’s also neat is that DROPSYNTH allows the user to adjust the attack and release of the loaded sample, as well as to loop the sample when the note is triggered for an extended period. This is a fairly useful set of sample playback control parameters and I was happy to see them included.

The instrument also comes with a collection of effect modules such as a limiter, reverb, frequency shifter, a lo-fi module, and a sub bass generator. In addition, you can apply more FX simultenously to the synth section. To kick things off, the instrument comes with 36 factory presets. Listening to the official demo track, the sounds are quite ambient, percussive and spacious. I was hoping to hear more examples of using the sampler for lead lines or chordal playing. I guess that’s another reason to try it out myself!

DROPSYNTH is available for free download via Gumroad (157 MB download size, ZIP archive, contains 1 instrument ensemble in ENS format for NI Reaktor 6).

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About The Author

Ben Bishop is a music producer based out of Nashville, TN. He works with many local artists in the pop/indie world and has a recording studio in East Nashville.


  1. Just downloaded the Dropsynth for Reaktor 6 and I wasn’t aware that it’s Not for Reaktor player correct. Only for the Full Reaktor version.It Looks cool and sounds interesting. I can use it in Reaktor player correct.I did see this any where that it Not for the player.Anyways Thank You.

    • Hi Rick V. No third party software for Reaktor works on Reaktor Player for more than 30 minutes. It’s always been thus. Did you get 30 minutes worth at least?

  2. Hi Ben, great article. Yes, the sampler and synth work in tandem or singly using simple level and mute buttons.