Free Korg PS-3200 VST Plugin Released By Full Bucket Music


Full Bucket Music has released FB-3200, a freeware emulation of the Free Korg PS-3200 VST Plugin vintage analog synthesizer in VST and AU plugin formats for PC and Mac.

Following the recent release of the FB-3300 synthesizer and its predecessor, the FB-3100, Full Bucket Music continues ahead with its efforts of resurrecting rare, old Korg synthesizers in plug-in format. The subject of reincarnation this time is the KORG PS-3200 semi-modular synth from 1978. The original instrument’s behavior and controls have been faithfully recreated, FBM claims. That’s also evident from the synthesizer’s interface, which straight-up looks the part.

Other things the FB-3200 has to show synthesizer lovers are band-limited oscillators, classic lowpass filters, an equalizer section, a pair of modulation generators, and a paraphonic envelope generator. The semi-modular design has been upgraded with micro-tuning options and further tweaks like a 4-pole lowpass filter and adjustable resonators. The plugin also responds to note velocity, unlike its hardware counterpart. All parameters are controllable via MIDI CC. A user manual can be downloaded in English and French as well. Like all Full Bucket Music Plugins, the FB-3200 was coded in native C++ to ensure low CPU consumption and stable performance.

All in all, the FB-3200 is a genuinely intriguing virtual analog synthesizer of high quality, the kind that makes the fact it is available for free quite surprising. This is typical of FBM’s output, and if you feel like thanking the developer, there’s a donation page available where you can help with the site running costs. Having covered such a wide range of classic Korg hardware synthesizers (check out the free Mono/Poly and Delta emulations on FBM’s website), one can’t help but wonder what might be next on Full Bucket Music’s to-do list. Is it possible that we’ll see a freeware Korg MS-20 emulation in near future?

FB-3200 is available for free download via Full Bucket Music (32-bit & 64-bit VST/AU plugin formats for Windows & macOS).

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