Arturia MiniBrute 2 Analog Semi-Modular Synthesizer Announced


Arturia has announced the release of MiniBrute 2, a compact monophonic semi-modular analog synthesizer featuring a number of improvements over its predecessor.

MiniBrute 2 is the brand new version of the original MiniBrute, Arturia’s first foray into the analog synthesizer market. We reviewed its little brother, the Microbrute, some time ago. The Brute product lineup also includes the DrumBrute analog drum machine and the MatrixBrute, Arturia’s most complex analog instrument to date.

So, what does the new MiniBrute 2 bring to the table? The team at Arturia decided to maintain MiniBrute’s small footprint while adding a number of improvements and new features which won’t make the instrument any less portable or compact. MiniBrute 2 now features a velocity sensitive 25-key keyboard with aftertouch, using the same technology as the MatrixBrute keyboard. It also features two LFO modules, a pair of envelopes (ADSR and AD), a multi-mode filter, frequency modulation, ring modulation, and an improved arpeggiator/sequencer. Perhaps the most exciting new change, though, is the expanded 48-slot patchbay which is Eurorack-compatible. This turns the MiniBrute 2 into a true semi-modular workhorse capable of interfacing with a wide variety of other instruments.

A closer look at the new MiniBrute 2 front panel.

A closer look at the new MiniBrute 2 front panel.

The design is also slightly enhanced, with wood panels, a brushed metal body, and some slight changes to the color scheme (the silver pitch and modulation wheels look fantastic in the promo video). The highlight features of its predecessor are still here, of course, including MiniBrute’s signature Brute Factor circuit.

It seems that this isn’t the only piece of news we’ll get from Arturia, either, as they’ve scheduled another big announcement for tomorrow. Stay tuned for that and make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel as we’ll try to give you a detailed overview of the MiniBrute 2 at the forthcoming NAMM 2018 show.

More info: Arturia MiniBrute 2 (price TBA)

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