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FREE Waves Plugin Coming This Black Friday – Sign Up Now!


Waves Audio has announced that they’ll be giving away a FREE plugin this Black Friday to everyone interested. All you need to do is to sign up for your free copy of the plugin on the Waves Audio website.

Receiving a free plugin from Waves Audio has become somewhat of a tradition in the music making software community. While the team at Native Instruments gives away a freebie every Christmas, the kind ladies and gentlemen at Waves Audio are making sure our Black Fridays are super fun. I know I’ve already said this in the past but here it goes again – there’s never been a better time to be a music producer or a musician. It’s insane how many affordable and free music making tools we have access to nowadays.

As for this year’s Waves Audio freebie, it’s hard to guess what type of plugin it will be. It could be an old commercial plugin re-released as freeware or something completely new. We’ve seen both scenarios come true in the past. The video posted by Waves Audio doesn’t provide too many clues if any:

UPDATE: I’ve just noticed that the video says it’s a “brand new” plugin so I guess it won’t be a freeware re-release of a commercial Waves Audio plugin after all. Cool!

At first, I thought it could be a specialized effect for processing vocals because a microphone and a female singer are both shown in the teaser. But a MIDI keyboard shows up only a few moments later so that kind of goes against my first guess. Still, it could be a vocal processing tool with some type of MIDI input. A vocoder perhaps or a simple pitch correction effect? I would love to see something like that!

Either way, you can already sign up for your copy of the forthcoming Waves Audio freebie. Simply visit the page linked below and enter your email address. Your personal download link and serial number should arrive in your email inbox this Black Friday. Until then, don’t forget to grab your free iZotope Neutron Elements license via Pluginboutique!

More info: Waves Audio (follow the link to sign up for the free plugin)

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  1. My guess is that it’s an audio repair/restoration plugin (like the iZotope RX stuff).

    The picture they have on the waves.com/free page shows an emphasis on the pop filter but also on the waveform behind her.

    In the video, It looks like the amplitude is being reduce on certain parts indiscriminate of how high the peaks are,
    (which makes me think its not a compressor or anything).

    Excited to see what it is

      • It is actually a de-esser. ;-)
        Registration is already open and about 1 hour after entering my e-mail adress, Waves sent me the registration code.

        Before anyone is going nuts about the “Waves upgrade plan” being evil – once again, like every year:
        of course, they want to sell it to you, BUT nobody gets forced to buy it…

        I´d rather say: get a commercial plug-in for free and be happy in the first place.

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