Choose Your FREE Rhythmic Robot Gift(s) With €10 Coupon Code!


Rhythmic Robot is offering a €10 coupon code to all customers, valid towards any purchase in their online store (free checkout is enabled).

With the prices on most Rhythmic Robot products already at 50% OFF during the Winter Sale, the €10 coupon can be used to get one or even multiple Kontakt libraries completely free of charge. The hardest part of the deal is actually choosing which products to download for free because there’s simply too much cool stuff to choose from. I eventually pulled the trigger on three different packs (SQ Drums, RX5, and Bad Bad Bass) which were a €9.54 value and cost me €0 with the coupon applied.

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If you’re a Kontakt user who also happens to like old compact drum machines or quirky analog instruments, chances are you’ll find something neat on Rhythmic Robot’s website. They’re very good at transforming hardware instruments into instantly playable and intuitive Kontakt libraries. In addition to offering a wide range of budget-friendly packs, they also have a premium product line which is headlined by the epic Emulator II OMI Universe of Sounds collection.

Rhythmic Robot also provides a decent selection of freely downloadable instruments. We were proud to collaborate with Rhythmic Robot on the Commodore 64 Synthesizer Sessions DELUXE sound library which is certainly one of BPB’s best freebie releases to date. Check out their Free Stuff page for more Kontakt goodies. Keep in mind that the full version of NI Kontakt is required to use Rhythmic Robot libraries without the 15-minute demo limitation.

Visit the Rhythmic Robot Winter Sale page linked below and make sure to apply the coupon code MONGOGIFT at checkout. The code will give you a €10 discount towards any purchase. If your order total is below €10, this will result in a free checkout. You can also use the code as a regular discount for a larger order.

UPDATE: This offer will expire on Monday, December 10th!

More info: Rhythmic Robot Winter Sale (use coupon code MONGOGIFT to get €10 off your order)

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  1. It gets even better than that: after the purchase with the coupon MONGOGIFT, you’re also entitled “Mongomoney” (that’s how they call it), and since 1 token of that money equals 1 euro, you can make extra purchases. On top of that, you get two such tokens for every review you write, so with that you can also get an extra instrument for free. It’s Christmas, isn’it ? :) Thanks Rythmic Robot ! (and BPB)

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